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Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - 100% completion. Complete Guide to the Game.


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Here Clancy's Splinter Cell
  • Release date
    April 22 2003
  • developer
    Ubi Soft Montreal
  • PublishersUbisoft, Gameloft, aktronic Software & Services GmbH, MacPlay, The Game Factory, Game Factory Interactive
  • ГimdesignersClint Hawking, Mathieu Ferland, 
  • GenresAction-adventure, Stealth

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell - The celebrated adventures of Sam Fisher, an NSA undercover agent, take off in this third-person stealth action game curated by American author Tom Clancy. The goal of the protagonist is to prevent a war between the US and China, as well as to stop the Georgian president, who is preparing to use the secret weapon "Ark" against the US.

Stealth-oriented gameplay Splinter Cellreminds Metal Gear и Thief. Controlling Sam, the player must skillfully hide, sneak silently, use the environment and equipment.

The Shadow is Sam's main ally. A special indicator is installed on the screen, indicating the visibility of Fisher. This indicator allows you to correctly develop a route to the target without being noticed.



Processor:Pentium III 600 MHz
Memory:256 MB
Video card:32 MB
Free place:1,5 GB
Processor:Pentium III 1 GHz
Memory:512 MB
Video card:64 MB
Free place:2,1 GB


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Walkthrough 100%

I want to immediately note that the way of passing described below is not the only one, since the game supports completely different strategies for completing the tasks, which depend both on luck and on the player's bloodthirstiness. I decided that it would be interesting to play the game in secret, with a minimum number of victims, because, as it turned out, you can get much more pleasure not from the banal stuffing with lead of the carcasses of enemies grazing in the visibility zone, but from covert movement, performing an extremely difficult task while completely alive the defensive power of the enemy.
In addition, it is assumed that you have quite tolerably mastered the technique of mastering all kinds of technical means, such as master keys and alternative weapon firing modes, and also cope well with Sam himself, and the very first pipe that you have to climb will not put you in a dead end. In short, we do not consider the passage of the very first mission in the NSA training center, because there they already comment in detail on your every step. Let's start right away with combat missions. We will perform them at the HARD difficulty level, because this is the only way to get enemies to overcome their lot of meat carcasses and react adequately to the situation.
So, for brevity, we will further denote by the word “jamming” punches that leave the opponent in a state of beautiful unconscious attitude. Ring and Shock will be called the corresponding devices for the SC-20K rifle, namely Ring Airfoil Projectile and Sticky Shocker. The game is full of dark places, therefore, where exactly to turn on and off the infrared vision device is up to you, again, we will not pay attention to such trifles either. And the last. When we say "sneak quietly", we mean Sam's minimum movement speed.
The preparations are over - let's go!

Tbilisi, Old City, Georgia
16 2004 October, the

Agent Alison Madison worked undercover in the political arena of Georgia for about two years, monitoring the activities of President Nikoladze's entourage. On October 3, she disappeared. Agent Robert Blaustein, who disappeared on October 11, was sent to look for her.
So, the sun has set, and Sam is ready for exploits on the glorious Georgian land. Our first task will be to locate the Informant, who will tell us something about the fate of Agent Blaustein. We will find the informant with the help of a portable computer signal, with which we were carefully equipped at the base. Ordinary domestic people of Caucasian nationality are walking around the streets, who have nothing to do with what is happening, but due to natural vigilance, they will raise an alarm just in case if they see us, and even more so if you inadvertently shoot them. Missions in this case will come kaput. In addition, one should be wary of local law enforcement forces that are able not only to check the passport, but also to shoot it corny, because no one bothered to warn them that an American spy will walk around the streets at night. So, with that, the base breaks radio contact and allows us to proceed. We look into Palm, where we find a map of the area, a dossier on agents and, in fact, the objectives of the mission.
Shadow make our way to the right to the iron steps on the porch of the building. A metal ladder hangs on the wall, we jump up to it and climb onto the roof. There, right on the course, the hatch. Open the hatch and dive down.

On a small wooden corridor, crouching down, we get to a dead end. From there, we climb up the pipe near the wall. We are back on the roof. Before us is a beautiful view of the burning building, where the Informant had the imprudence to live. We grab onto the rope on the left and move down on our hands to the building. From the back room where we landed, we run out into the corridor and, at the direction of the analytical center, we poke our heads right in the door opposite. An explosion brings down a flight of stairs, you have to go around.

We run straight down the corridor. The fire is in front, we go around through the office space, on the left along the way. We reach the stairs and go down one floor, ignoring the explosions. The place that used to be the floor is now a fire path. A pipe runs parallel to the floor on the ceiling. We cling to it and crawl over the “hot” section. Further to the left and we run through the blazing rooms directly to the stairs. There is only one way, all the others were prudently blocked by fire. We go up the stairs again to the second floor. Go down the corridor and to the left. There, in the room, in the middle of the fiery element, the Informant himself is sunbathing, hiding behind a table for decency. We talk to him. He reports that Agent Blaustein's "black box" is in his room, in a hiding place. After which the Informant politely refuses medical attention and quickly dies.

Let's escape this catastrophe. The Former Informant stares his deathly tanned face straight at the right door. We enter. The next room is filled with smoke. Crouching down so as not to be poisoned by carbon monoxide, we get to the door in the center of the wall on the right. We go.
Our goal is a computer with Agent Blaustein's data, which is hidden behind a secret panel in his room. We go out onto the balcony and quietly sneak forward and to the left so that the people below do not suspect anything. Where there are no railings, we jump to the opposite balcony. From there to the right, and around the corner. We listen to how in the courtyard the guard reports by phone that he did not find anything in Blaustein's room. This is our first victim in the entire game. As soon as he talks enough and turns away, we quietly sneak up behind and festively jam the first-born. We leave the body lying around, as it fell, and we ourselves quickly run up to the wall of the house. Sitting near the door, we wait for the second guard to go out into the yard and run to stare at the body. We catch up with him and deafen him.
We go into the house. We run forward and to the left, through the rubble of garbage. On the way, you can look into the toilet with a purely medical purpose: to take a first aid kit. The room next to the toilet is Blaustein's room. We move the picture on the wall to the left of the entrance and climb into his computer. We learn that Blaustein stopped consuming oxygen about 24 hours ago and the last time he tried to pretend to be alive within the walls of the police station.

The prudent Informant left us a legacy of a plan to infiltrate a police station somewhere near Morevi Square. We approach the balcony door and dial the code 091772.
We leave to the balcony and go to the left. Having climbed onto the railing, we grab the rope and move along it to the roof. There is an entrance to the elevator shaft. We jump to the elevator cable and go down it directly to the cabin. Open the hatch and jump into the elevator. From it we go to the door. We crack it with a master key and go outside. There we quietly go down the stairs and see two cops looting near the unconscious body of the local drunk. We quietly sneak to the stairs behind them and, having gone down a few steps, we jump up, grabbing the ledge. On it we make our way past the cops into a portable thicket of bushes. We turn left. There, another cop is walking down the alley, and one civilian is watching from the window. We wait until the second one turns away, and we suppress the first one, jumping out of the shadows like a devil. To be convincing, you will need to extinguish all the light bulbs from the pistol in the alleys.
Further, we move to the end of the alley and extinguish the lantern and the light bulb there, which is on the stairs opposite. In pitch darkness we go up the stairs. We go out into the courtyard with a fountain and make our way through the shadows in its far right corner. We move quietly, because someone from the second floor will closely monitor our every step.

Having reached the corner, we crawl into the passage in the wall. There is a small room inside where you can profit from 2 first-aid kits and pistol cartridges. We immediately use a laptop and find out how to get into the site. Door code: 5929. We leave the room in the same way as we entered. Now a cop walks in the courtyard with the fountain. Directly in front of us are two light bulbs. We cut them out with a pistol, and when the yard cop enters the shadows, we suppress him. We turn to the opened gate to the left. At the end of the alley you will come across a civilian who can be stunned literally at close range. Further we go to the left along the street past the garbage cans. We turn to the next street. Another cop walks up it. As he goes up, we sneak up to a small doorway in the wall on the right. From there we break 2 lanterns and wait for the cop to return. In the dark, we attack him and deafen him. Next, we run up the street and at the corner, literally head-on, we fly out to the next cop. He did not expect such impudence, so he would lose consciousness quite easily.

We turn left and approach the covered, overgrown spitting visor. To his right is a pipe. With the help of it we climb onto the visor.

There we cut down all the lighting, only carefully, waiting until the civilian in the next window stops being nervous because the light suddenly fades. Then we get to the edge of the visor and also systematically turn off the light on the entire street on the left. When it gets dark, we go down and shadows make our way to the end of the street. There, with the help of a trash can in the right corner, we jump over the wall.
Now we are near the police station. We go down the stairs to the door and dial the code 5929. A guard walks along the corridor past the cameras. We wait until he enters the office at the end of the corridor, and follow him. We go into the office as quietly as possible, sneak up on him from the back and jam. We hide the body in the shade between the cabinets. We dig into the computer. We leave into the corridor and go forward. We quietly sneak past the door on the left, where the guard watches TV and will be nervous if we disturb him. We go straight to the laboratory. We quietly crawl into it and jam the laboratory assistant. We delve into the second computer and find out that there is a hidden camera in the morgue. We go into the morgue, having previously shot the hidden camera in the upper left corner with all the desire to stare at secret American agents. Agents found. They do not feel very well, because they lie with holes in their chests and, in my opinion, have died a little.

It is clear that the matter is dark. You need to leave the morgue, but first you need to pick up the material captured by the camera, just in case. We leave the morgue and turn left, moving towards the stairs. We rise to the second floor. To the left is the guard's room. A civilian will come up to him and will load him with his problems for a long time, which we will use, we press ourselves against the left wall and go around the room with a shadow around the perimeter. Having reached the door, we go in and go up to the second floor. Brave cops are working with might and main, snoring on the keyboards. We muffle them quietly so as not to wake them up. The door in the right corner is what we need. We go there quietly and turn off the guard near the computer, after which, with a clear conscience, we climb to get the necessary information. The camera shot first-class footage. It is clear who hung around the corpses of our agents. You can even clearly see his card number on the record. All. We're leaving.

We go down to the first floor in the same way that we came, and sneak to the door on the left. Little Wilkes is already waiting for us on the streets in a minibus.

Ministry of Defense of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia
16 2004 October, the

Purpose: To reveal the secret information of President Nikoladze

Agents Blaustein and Madison were killed because they got too close to Nikoladze's classified information. Grinko, a Russian mercenary, was able to find no less compromising evidence and information on the agents themselves. Grinko arranged a meeting with Nikoladze in the building of the Ministry of Defense.

1. Infiltrate the East Wing of the Ministry of Defense
2. Find the driver Vyacheslav Grinko and interrogate him
3. Raised the alarm will mean the failure of the mission

So, we find ourselves on the roof near the building of the Ministry of Defense, as always, without support from the Georgian authorities and in the eternal search for the truth.

You will have to act extremely secretly, because there are solid enemies around. After breathing in the fresh mountain air and admiring the enchanting view of the cloudy sky through the barbed wire, we look at what they write to us from the base. Turn on Palm. We admire the photograph of Grinko himself and the description of his unprecedented adventures in Afghanistan, where he stuffed a decent number of people with lead. We remember that Grinko is a rare bastard and we swear to ourselves that he will die for a long time and in pain. His card number, 84 KP 214, matches the one on the video we borrowed from our Georgian colleagues at the morgue. Greenko's car is in the garage, which means the driver is hanging around somewhere in the same area. Let's speak.
We jump to the balcony under the roof. From there we slide down the pipe to the next balcony. Carefully open the door. We can congratulate ourselves, getting into the embassy was as difficult as stepping on an amoeba. (There is also option number 2 - after fixing the cable on the roof, effectively go down it right into the window of the room - Ed.) We don’t go into the room right away, meanwhile. An inquisitive cop will make a trip through her space for a book, and if we violate such an intimate process, he will swear strongly with bullets. When a literature lover collapses in a chair near a computer with another volume, we carefully sneak up behind and muffle with a well-aimed blow. Next time will read the serial number of our butt, looking at the reflection in the mirror. We hide the body among bookcases, proving to a person that books will not lead to good. We turn off the curious camera above the door with an accurate shot and climb into the computer. We find there a note about a certain laser grid in the yard and the need to calibrate it.
We leave the room into the corridor and go right. Shadow make our way to the two guards. We muffle and drag the bodies into the room where the first one is already lying, forming a real reading club there. Next, we come to two doors. We choose the one to the right. We cut down the camera above the door, and climb into the computer. There is information that Grinko should be welcomed as an important person. We learn from the second computer in the room that the grid in the courtyard can be turned off from the South Wing of the building, reaching the main hall. In addition, as a reason for optimism, we are told that if someone raises the alarm by hooking on this laser grid, then cops from as many as 5 neighboring departments will arrive. After evaluating a modest supply of cartridges, we decide to turn off the grid out of harm's way and head to the South Wing. We break open the door and go out to the balcony. Below, 2 soldiers are having a lively discussion of the problem that only officers or colonels can open doors with scanning devices using their eyes. We remember this information, and henceforth we will deal only with this part of the body of the colonels. We leave into the corridor and go to the first door. This time on the left. We go upstairs, take a first-aid kit and climb along the beams to the very top, to the ceiling. There is another first aid kit and a device for quickly picking door locks. We get down from the ceiling and run down the stairs. We cut down the camera by a flight below and go even lower. We reduce the population of cameras by one more unit. Another floor below is the underground parking.
The camera rotating to the left of the entrance dies hospitably. We go to the end of the parking lot and find a driver who pisses on such an architectural monument as a shabby parking lot. We politely explain to a person, putting a gun to his head, that it is uncivilized to write in public places. We interrogate. The driver replies that Grinko is now working with some hacker Mays for Nikoladze. They can be found near the latter's office. Now nothing will stop us from entering the South Wing and turning off the laser grid.
We go upstairs and through the far right door we go out to the balcony. The chef unequivocally opens a window next door, inviting us to visit the kitchen and stun him. On the eaves on the hands we get to the window. We climb into the kitchen and show the 2 chefs present the recipe for our signature blow. Carefully put the bodies in the freezer so that they do not deteriorate. In the next room, which is a cafe, we deafen the guard who came in for a glass of tea. We leave the cafe, go down the stairs and turn off another guard, dragging the body away from the light sources. Quietly we go down to the main hall along the left stairs. the right one is perfectly visible to the guard from below. In the hall we suppress two more guards, who prudently stood with their backs to us. We hide the bodies in the shadows. After digging into the computer, we hide in the shade and wait for the officer to come up. We take him hostage and lead his eyes to the far right corner of the hall, closer to the scanner. We turn off the camera with a shot and go into the courtyard with the statue.

Greenco and Mace themselves take the elevator up. We need to eavesdrop on what they are talking about before they reach the top floor. We choose a microphone, run up to the elevator and do what is not good - we eavesdrop. We learn that the necessary information on Nikoladze is in his office. As an end in itself, we set ourselves the task of infiltrating the North Wing of the building, where we personally check the contents of the hard disk of Nikoladze's computer. We quickly hide in the shadows not far from the elevator, because a patrol of three guards will come out into the courtyard. Each of them will walk along a certain route: two - along the perimeter, one - around the statue. We suppress the first when he passes by the elevator. Bushes make our way to the second and repeat the operation. From the pistol we worsen the lighting around the statue. The guard who walked around her will rush into the bushes out of fear. To prevent an anti-social act, which he probably planned to commit in the bushes, we jam him. We run to the door, from where the unconscious trinity came out. We break it open and get inside. There we take the first-aid kit and pull the switch on the wall. We leave, on the left there is a wall overgrown with plants. We go up to the windows. The window above the door is open. We brazenly climb through it into the room. This is the North Wing.
Once inside, we are horrified to find that an elevator is descending towards us with an unknown surprise on board. At the pace of the waltz, we run into the room next to the elevator. 2 soldiers come out of the elevator and go to their posts. We shoot at the floor and attract the attention of one of them. Curious comes into our room. Taking advantage of the pitch darkness, we ruthlessly suppress it. We quietly approach the second one from the back, jam it and, in an unconscious state, carry it to the first one. We crawl into the elevator and go to the 7th floor. We quickly run out of the elevator and break open the door to the left of it. Hiding in the room, we observe how the guard passes along the corridor. We are digging into Grinko's computer. Not finding anything interesting, we climb onto his table, and from it we jump into the ventilation shaft. There we crawl to the right, wet the camera and penetrate into the pantry with a ladder. We go up the stairs to the roof.
A pipe protrudes from the edge of the roof. We cling to the rope, and Sam starts to descend like a spider.
Important point! Having gone down to the level of the window, we notice that a lone guard lives in the room, turning to us with what they usually sit.

It costs nothing to get a gun and teach him politeness with a direct hit in the head right through the glass. BUT! We are pacifists, so we will not kill anyone. Let's make it a lot smarter. Without crawling to the very window, we take out the cannon and shoot the glass in cold blood. The alarmed guard begins to rush around the room, then, exhausted, stops, turning to the window again the same as usual. Now we fly into the room and deafen. We drag the body into the shade. We boldly climb into Nikoladze's computer.
Serious problems begin. The data turned out to be damn important, and it will take some time to transfer, because the connection brakes are an international phenomenon. At this time, our presence in the building is discovered and a strike group of three soldiers with machine guns at the ready is sent to Nikoladze's office. They can be tritely killed by sitting at the table, or you can, as always, do perverted things. To the left of the window through which we flew into the room, there is a closet. We hide behind him, after turning off the light, to create an intimate atmosphere. Soldiers run. They do not see you, because it is dark and the main thing is to stun the one who climbs to the switch in order to break all the intimacy. We jam the other two into the lungs, because they wander helplessly in the dark. We are finishing transferring files from Nikoladze's computer. All. Time to dump. Little Wilkes is already waiting for us in the parking lot. We dig into the second computer and find there information about sabotage groups dispersed across the border territories and about Nikoladze's plans for world domination. What a routine!
We leave the office of Nikoladze and to the right. There, in the next room around the corner, 2 guards are sitting and in the event of our retreat they will certainly rush in pursuit. Lure with a shot to the floor and jam one by one. We go into the room where they stood, and use their laptop. There is information that the Americans can send someone else to search for the missing agents, and this someone needs to be escorted to the agents according to the good old lead tradition. We leave. Down the corridor to the right and again to the right. We run out through the door on the left to the roof and run as fast as we can to the elevator shaft. They will shoot from behind. In the elevator shaft, we slide down the pipe into the underground garage, where baby Wilkes is waiting for us.
Files from Nikoladze's computer speak of a terrorist campaign against Azerbaijan. Specialist. units of Georgian militants have already been sent there. This opens the door for NATO peacekeeping forces to invade Azerbaijan. The situation is heating up...

GFO Oil region, territorial waters of Georgia, Caspian Sea
27 2004 October, the

Purpose: Find the communication line of Georgia

NATO and US troops drove most of the militant forces back into Georgia. But the secret units fled. They hide on oil platforms in the waters of the Caspian Sea, from where they transmit information via a secret internal communication line to the presidential palace in Georgia. Meanwhile, President Nikoladze disappeared...

1. Infiltrate the oil platform through the main pipeline
2. Follow the technician of the militants. Making visual contact with him and detecting your presence is a mission failure.

We observe the majestic panorama of the sunrise in the waters of our native sea. We go up the stairs to the right. We crawl along the pipe, crouching, and again moving forward.

Something alerted the militants, so they are blowing up the pipeline, which we were so eager for. We climb up the surviving pipe and still climb into the torn oil pipeline. On it in pitch darkness we penetrate the platform.
Having reached the site, we climb the stairs up. Once on the platform a level higher, with the help of a cabinet, we grab the pipe and crawl to the neighboring platform, the dimensions of which, walking diligently, are measured by the soldier. We dive at him from the height of bird droppings when he is under us. We go up the stairs, killing the soldiers in shoals along the way. A joyful roar announces the arrival of stealth bombers to the neighborhood. "Stealths" do not arrive, but some planes of clearly American appearance begin to fervently bomb the oil platform. We do not pay any attention to this local Armageddon and begin the pursuit of the enemy technique, which looms ahead. It is impossible to go astray, since all the extra doors around are closed.
Further, the technician and two soldiers will go into the room, which we need to get into by all means. First, we will remove 2 more soldiers that stood guarding the entrance. We distract them by pulling the lever on the barrel of water. While they approach the barrel, look at the water, we quietly go around them behind the intricacies of pipes, starting right behind that very barrel. We go into the room and make our way to the second door, hiding in the area of ​​the table. Security with a technician defiantly walks past us, to the next door on the left. The stupid technician has already uploaded all the information we need to his laptop, therefore the suitcase in which it is stored is now the number 1 target for us. We flicker in the doorway in front of the nose of the guards, who have finished inspecting the water. They enter the room. We are waiting for them at the same table, sitting in the shade, and jam them as they arrive. One of them can be found with a disk with information that militant strike groups have already leaked into Ukraine. In a room with a burning wire hanging from the ceiling, you can profit from a first aid kit. We go back out into the street and, making our way through the consequences of the explosion of the napalm charge, we climb onto the iron locker. We jump from it to the pipe and crawl along it through the broken windows into the next room. There, crazy soldiers shoot defenseless computers. One of them leaves with a technician, and the second is so into the taste of this genocide that he won’t even notice how we go down and format his head with the butt of a pistol.
We go out into the fresh air and watch the scene of an unequal battle of soldiers with machine guns against cruise missiles. Run up the stairs and to the right. We suppress the soldier, who seems to have lost his way, on the way to a coma. We go down below and help another soldier to forget. We pass through the door. There are 2 more doors ahead. We pass to the left, but only quickly, because pipes will burst from behind and the room will turn into a kind of blast furnace. Having shot through the pipes in the room, we put out the fire. We return and take the first-aid kit that was not burned at all. After that, we walk down to the very bottom of the oil platform, where a lone technician stands in front of the blown up boat. We interrogate the runner. Like it, don't like it - sleep, my beauty. We muffle, and we take away the case.

The laptop contained intriguing information about impending terrorist attacks in the United States and a bunch of secret information from the secret services of the aforementioned country. All this testifies in favor of the fact that a “mole” is working in the US intelligence services.

CIA headquarters. Langley, Virginia, USA
31 2004 October, the

Goal: Calculate the "mole" in CIA

A few hours after the operation on an oil rig in the waters of the Caspian Sea, Georgian President Nikoladze launched a large-scale sabotage war on US soil. Using pervasive information technology, he paralyzed the media, staged traffic accidents and targeted social security services. It is clear that these actions were based on information obtained by the "mole" in the bowels of the CIA.

As soon as possible we run to the main entrance to the building. There is simply no time to think! To the left is a pipe. We sneak up to her quietly, but as quickly as possible. Two agents near the minibus should not notice us. We climb the pipe to the roof without attracting attention. On the roof through the ventilation we penetrate into the building itself. We have about 2 minutes for everything, because the people from the Third Echelon will not be able to keep the ventilation system in the off state for us anymore. Catching our breath, we are glad that we finally got the thermal vision mode. We go down to the hall. Easily and naturally we suppress the guard, who makes a detour exclusively on the shady side of the room. In the far left corner of the hall at the checkpoint, another future “deaf” is amorphously watching what is happening. We make the future real - we suppress the guard by sneaking up from behind. We open the door to the room. From there, a puzzled guard will go into our hands at the noise. We puzzle him with a butt on the head for the next few hours.

Through this room, bypassing the metal detectors, we pass into the briefing room. There is a first aid kit, a ring and a shocker on the table. We go out into the corridor and deafen the guard, who froze against the wall. We leave the body at the crime scene.

The security camera dangling at the other end of the corridor is powerless. It's too dark for evidence. We go up the stairs one flight. We jump up and attract the attention of the guard that stands at the very top of the stairs. We get down and run under the stairs, hiding there in the shade. We suppress the descended guard. We go up and forward. In the window we see the hall into which it is vital for us to get. We return to the very first hall along the same road that we came from and from there, ignoring all the metal detectors, we pass into the hall, which was observed from the window. Of the two guards present there, one will talk on the cell phone and leave in the elevator. We prove to the rest that at least occasionally you need to be afraid of the dark, being in it all alone. We turn off and sit in the elevator. Let's go up.
The authorities have become generous and tell us where you can get the SC-20K rifle, immediately bringing down all our dreams with a warning that at least one corpse will mean the end of the mission. Still, around us are only fellow agents, not enemies. However, with a fright, even colleagues are very willing to test their sniper qualities on you. We go out into the corridor. A cleaner will pass from the first right door to the first left door. We follow him and quietly remove him in the left room. Naturally, not to death! We pass into the room opposite. After digging in it, we find the code from the room with the main server of the building: 2019. Turn off the light. Soon a security guard with telepathic abilities will appear in the room, because it is absolutely not clear how the sight of a closed utility room could attract a normal person. We deafen the telepath faster than he thinks to turn on the light. Exit and go right. We are waiting for the employee to talk to the guard, and we follow him through the shadows at an average speed. We follow him into the back room and put him to sleep. On the table we take a device for quickly breaking locks. We move to the next room. An agent walks there nervously. When he turns his back, we calm him down with a blow to the back of the head. From it we remove the code from the office: 7687. We leave and open the door opposite the freshly found code.
We enter and jam all visible technicians. In the next room we take the first aid kit and use the computer. We learn the code from the power supply room: 110598. We dial the code and go in. We quietly go down and begin to follow the technicians who scurry among the cabinets. As soon as they are nearby, we run out with wild cries and muffle them. The main thing is not to let them get to the alarm button at the far end of the room. They can defend themselves only by willpower. In the next room we take the coveted SC-20K! We admire this miracle of technology. Hooray! Big gun! We go out into the corridor and wait, clinging to the corner of the left wall, until the guard leaves the room. We quietly sneak behind him and jam. On the side where the guard came from, in addition to vending machines with food, there is a first-aid kit. Further along the way, another guard will loom in the office premises. Pressing against the wall, savoring, we muffle him with the ring, hitting him exactly in the head. So, now there are 2 clerks left in the offices, who will certainly raise the alarm if they hear if a cockroach twists its leg. We muffle these with bare hands.

The main thing is to make sure that they do not run to the alarm button, which is in the far right corner of the office. We put the bodies back to the office, creating a composition on the theme “Another one burned down at work”. Another guard cuts through the corridor. We sneak up to him in the shadows and deafen him. We go down to the server room, which is opposite the office space. We dial the code 2019. We boldly run down and, seeing the unfortunate technician, we literally go to the ram. Here he has no way to escape, so we act on the forehead. Hand to the forehead. We go into the snow-white server room and jam another technician. We use a server computer. Our hacker instantly detects where exactly the information was leaked to the enemies. This is the car of a certain Dougherty. This computer is our next target.

We return to the room of offices and along the corridor we run from it to the left. At the end of the corridor in the observation room sits a guard. We muffle the ring in the head. We take the first-aid kit and go out to the main hall of the agency. The desired computer is located in the test weapon room. We cross the main hall, holding on to the left wall, while the cameras on the ceiling are turned the other way. By the way, a guard will move in parallel with us. Although the parallel lines do not intersect, we catch up with him in the corridor and cross him with a precise blow to the head. Further to the left and turn off for the company of the clerk in a small office. At the end of the corridor there is a staircase, and below is an immortal chamber, which is unrealistic to break from all types of small arms. There is also a door with a combination lock, in which we need more than anything else. We operate in two stages. For the first time, while the camera turned away, we dial the code 110700 and return to the stairs with a bullet. The second time we run up to the door and get inside, holding on to the right wall. When the door closes, we will be out of reach of the eyes of the evil camera.
Let's take care of the security guard Charlie, who talks on the phone for a very long time. When he finishes and goes to the machine to drink some water, we run out of the shadows and turn it off. We go to the next room. There we find a crazy turret that shoots everything that moves in general. We turn it off from harm's way and break open the lock on the door behind the turret. We go into the room, sit down in the elevator and go down.

We learn that Doherty's computer is in office number 508. We go into the room where 2 agents analyze the audio recording. We quietly make our way behind the computers to the exit. When one agent leaves, we quietly turn off the technician that is fussing not far from the exit, we get close to the remaining agent from behind and turn off. We put the bodies in a heap in the shade. We leave the room and find ourselves in another office space. On the left you can see office number 508. We go there and use the computer. We get the task - to kidnap Doherty himself while he smokes. We leave the offices and jam the guard sleeping on a chair under the camera at the end of the corridor by the ring. Dougherty is standing around the corner by the machine and methodically beats the machine. Soon he will get tired of it, and he will move forward. We follow him, diving from shadow to shadow and remembering the camera behind us. In the end, he will reach the smoking room, where he will try to smoke. We fly up to him and declare that the Ministry of Health has croaked, after which we jam. We put it on our shoulders and pull it out of here. We take it out into the yard and throw it into a puddle, You shouldn't have smoked! We cut down the guard with the ring, raise Doherty and carry him to the stairs. We throw him down the stairs, let him go down. We select the body and bring it into the room. Staircase again. According to the good old habit, we throw Doherty from the very top and watch how he ricochets off the steps. We get the task - to cut down the officer who became attached to the yard to the arrived Little Wilkes. Attracted by the noise of Daugherty descending, an employee will enter the room. We cut down, jumping out from under the stairs, where it is terribly dark. We deafen the guard who came running with shock. By this time, two bodies of the guards, whom we jammed at the beginning of the mission, will already be discovered, and the limit of bodies per mission is 3 people, so we need to hurry before the whole task is filled up. Through the room we run out into the street, not forgetting to grab a shock. From the upper flight of stairs we cut down the guard with the found shock. The employee who spoke to him will run away in a panic. Well, okay. We follow him. Carefully descend and overtake him before the next descent. In the same place, another guard will fall under the hot hand, which we generously deafen with shock. We go down into the yard and cut down the hands of the importunate officer. All. The path is clear. We return for the body of Doherty at the stairs and drag him through 2 more stairs. We throw ourselves into the minibus head first and leave.

As a result of the interrogation, it turned out that Dougherty used a “hole” in the data protection system of one of the office computers. A Third Echelon hacker traced a signal path that led to a certain Kalinatek organization. But then the signal was interrupted by anti-burglary specialists in Kalinatek itself.

Kalinatek Building, Langley, Virginia, USA
November 1 2004 years

Goal: Get the “activation” key

Russian mercenaries began to destroy evidence against Georgian activists within the walls of Kalinatek. Before Hacker's signal was detected, she managed to find out that a certain programmer named Ivan was hiding in the building. He has the key we need, which, in the end, will help to reach Nikoladze.

1. Infiltrate Kalinatek
2. Turn off the fire alarm so that the doors that isolated Ivan open.
3. Get to Ivan faster than Russian mafiosi

So, we are going to save a simple Russian programmer Ivan, not only out of a sense of patriotism, but also out of a naive belief that this Ivan will not meet us in a characteristic hat with earflaps, riding a bear and with a balalaika at the ready. We run forward. The guard, attracted by the noise, will walk towards us. We hide behind one of the cars and turn it off. The second guard is sitting in a booth right on the course.

We sneak up to her, pressing her back against the wall. We pick up a jar from the floor and throw it to attract attention. Hiding behind the car, we wait for the right moment, fly out and jam. In the room where he once sat, you can find a first aid kit. To the left of the room is a staircase upstairs. We rise to the second floor of the parking lot. From the door you can clearly see the guard standing between the two cars. Quietly sneak up on him and deafen him. We drag the body to the brothers in the state of aggregation on the first floor. We return to two cars. We carefully lean out from behind the brown passenger car and deafen the left guard with a shock. His interlocutor, the one on the right, will convulsively think for a few seconds what happened all of a sudden. Use this time to run up and stun him. We hide the bodies in the shade. There is an open window behind the minibus. With the help of boxes, we climb onto it and jump onto the boxes, which the crane helpfully holds. We get to the tower of the crane through the pipe on our hands. The glass ceilings of the Kalinatek corridors float below.

Having reached the tower of the crane, we turn around and jump onto the roof of the Kalinatek. There is a chimney at the edge of the roof. We cling to the cable and go down it. Through the window, you can clearly see how two mafiosi are trying to find out whether the programmer, lying on the floor in a puddle of his own brains, is alive or not. After discussing all the pros and cons, the mafiosi leave.

We break the glass under our feet and find ourselves in the Kalinatek corridor.
After a while, a mafioso will come out into the corridor and turn to the right of the door, literally exposing our back to us for a blow. Ruthlessly mute. We leave the body to lie to its fate, not forgetting to remove the door code from it: 97531. We pass through the room into the next room. It's dark in here, and the floor is full of broken stacks amid the general chaos. At the sound of our steps, 2 mafiosi will certainly rush. Hiding behind the cabinets, we will jam them as they arrive. We leave into the corridor, at the end of which we find the door. We crack the lock and get into the room with the aquarium. You can admire the correct shadows of fish falling on the floor, and then go around the aquarium and admire the correct corpses of programmers that dot the floor in the next room. In the same place, two mafiosi walk imposingly, shooting at those who still show signs of life.

When everyone is shot, the mafiosi will disperse to different ends of the corridor. One of them will head to our room, looking angrily at the moving fish. We quickly run behind the aquarium and look at the wall. There is an entrance to the ventilation shaft. We crawl in there and sit. Quiet. When the mafia is inside the room and turns his back, we quietly go downstairs, sneak up and jam. You can shoot the aquarium. The water will flow down in beautiful streams, and the fish will flutter for some time, like the mafiosi, in convulsions nearby. Sleep with the fish, dear Russian comrade!
In the corridor, the Russian set up a Velcro mine. We turn off the light and go until we clearly hear the squeak of this mine. We immediately return back and hide in the shadows near the switch. The mafioso who set the moment will appear at the far end of the corridor and head to the switch to make the world around a little brighter. As soon as he comes within striking distance, we beat him so that the world around him is covered with spots of light. On his body you can find instructions for using the mine. After a while, another mafia will enter the corridor and head straight for the mine. He starts to approach her. Mina has an explosive nature, so soon the mafioso will turn into a portable pile of ashes. The scene clearly demonstrates the usefulness of instructions. There is nothing interesting in the offices around, except for the room on the wall of which the bomb exploded.

There is a first aid kit inside. We go along the corridor to the end and turn right. We jump into the elevator shaft.
We are informed that a group of programmers on the 3rd floor is still alive, but surrounded by a minefield. They must have the key. We quietly crawl out of the elevator shaft. 2 mafiosi turn on the lights in the office and selflessly destroy expensive office equipment. We crawl along the wall along the corridor towards the furniture and there we quietly settle in the shade. Soon the mafiosi will leave the office and head towards us. We suppress one with 2 rings, because Russian mafiosi do not fall from one at all, the second - with a hand, at the moment when he runs to look at the fallen body of the first. On the table we find a set of grenades. We move along the corridor. On the right we see a room drowned in fire. In its corner sit 2 programmers, sandwiched between two sticky mines. Disarm the mine by pressing the activation button only when the light on the mine is green. Having secured the space, we are talking with programmers. Naturally, of the keys they only have those from the apartment. Where the money is, they do not have the keys we need at all. In addition, the programmers are in a panic, because the mafiosi have mined the archive room, setting a bunch of sticky bombs and one gas bomb there. If all this charm explodes at the same time, then the building will have to forget about the existence of the 3rd floor as a phenomenon in general. Generous programmers give the code to the lock of the archive: 33575. In the corner, a timer starts ticking angrily, counting down about 2,5 minutes until the meeting with the best of all worlds. We fly out of the room, drowning out the two mafiosi who came to shoot the programmers.
The action plan is this. You need to get to the gas bomb, which is located in the archive room. The whole road to it will be littered with sticky bombs. If the developers thought that we would discharge each of them, then they are just naive lamers. We rush along the corridor to the first door. We dial the code 33575 there and jump into the archive room, enveloped in fire. We immediately rush along the only possible route forward, not stopping for a second.

Behind sticky bombs will explode evenly, which did not expect us to display sprint qualities. We get to the archive room itself. The door must be broken into. We run inside and through the cabinets we get through the fire to the gas bomb. We neutralize. Sighing calmly, we leave the archive room and go left. We quietly sneak up on that mafia that stands in the glass room to the left of the passage to the hall. We muffle. We do the same with what is a little lower on the stairs. We go down into the hall and go down the stairs behind the stage.

On the radio, it is publicly transmitted that an outsider has been found in the hall and 3 mafiosi are sent to deal with him. Okay, we go back to the hall, climb onto the stage, hide in the shadow of its left corner and get ready for the performance. 3 mafiosi will run into the hall solo, at regular intervals. We silence the first one with shock, and the other two, who are interested in the body at the stage, with our hands. All show over. We again go down to the basement along the stairs behind the scene. There we collect 2 sets of cartridges, a set of grenades and a first aid kit. We pull the switch on the wall. We return to the hall. In the glass room, 3 mafiosi found bodies and are shaking their machine guns with extreme concern. We get to the glass room and sit under its windows from below, in the place where the stairs coming from two sides converge. Soon 2 mafiosi will come down here in turn. The third one will stay in the room upstairs, where he will be stunned by the last one.

We take away the code for the door lock from one of the trinity: 1250. We approach the door, to the left of the glass room, we type the code and get inside. We enter the hall with a fountain. On the 2nd floor, two mafiosi are standing peacefully. We quietly rise to the second floor and crawl to the table, which stands near a pool of blood. We hide in the shadows and from there we shoot once at the glass, behind which these same mafiosi are standing. One of them will go to investigate. As soon as he is near us, and even with his back, we jam. We drag the body into the shade. We make our way along the wall towards the second mafia. Before reaching it, we turn into a small office on the left and hide behind the boxes there. Attracted by the noise of the second mafia, he will not stand it and will follow the path of the first. We jump out of the office and vilely jam it from the back. We go further and in the next office on the left we find a programmer who looks like Ivan. He dies in our arms, saying that he is not Ivan. God bless! We calmly move on, going into the first-aid post on the right. There we take as many as 2 first-aid kits and sit quietly. Soon the mafia will go down the corridor. We wait until he examines the entire first-aid post from the doorway and sets off on his way back. We go out and shut up.

We move on to the server room. We go in and sneak up on the mafia near the computer. We muffle it, and use the computer.

Fire alarm disabled. Now our task is to get to Ivan faster than the Russians do. We follow Ivan towards the stairs to the opened passage. Climb up the stairs and quietly open the door to the next room. There are two mafiosi, one of whom will be impatient to go and pour out the results of stress in a characteristic yellow color. Left alone, the second mobster will start bypassing the room around the bar counterclockwise. We fit in behind and, having caught up, we jam. We congratulate the mafiosi who returned light on the lighter with an accurate shot of the ring in the head. We leave and go to the toilet, where we climb into the ventilation shaft. We crawl along it to the next toilet, probably the female one. The women's toilet turns out to be a place of accumulation of Russian programmers in the form of Ivan and Russian mafiosi in the amount of one piece. Mafiosi begs Ivan for a key, and in English. We turn off his boring speech with a shock. We go down to the toilet and begin to whine the key from Ivan. He breaks for a long time, but gives the key, after which we wave the handle to him and run out into the corridor to the right. We move to the elevator. The FBI is already in a hurry to the building, so you need to make your feet. We are warned by radio that there are a lot of Russians downstairs.
We run out of the elevator to attract the attention of one of the 3 Russians standing in front. Having done this, we run back to the elevator and sit there in the shade.

We silence the guard who came as soon as he turns his back. The second Russian will stand near the loader. We muffle it, as usual, quietly sneaking up from behind. We run to the door and immediately run away from it. From there, the last Russian will come out to the noise and rush to the bodies. On the way we intercept it and jam it. In the next room, with the help of boxes, we climb over the wall and find ourselves in some storage rooms. We leave them and go to the table with paints. We hide and wait for 2 mafiosi to enter. We deafen one when he passes by, on the second we rush to the ram, like a steam locomotive. He will have time to shoot, but a first-aid kit will hang on the wall behind him, so we will not feel anything. On the table on the right we take cartridges. In the next room, three Russians will want to ambush us by spreading out among the boxes. They can be tritely killed, or you can, as always, show the wonders of pacifism. The main thing is not to let them get into the room, to the treasured shelters. To do this, we run to the door, from where they will run out. We knock out the first one with a shock. In the corridor near the room, two more will freeze in indecision. Under the cover of boxes, we suppress another shock. We shoot the legs of the remaining Russian with two accurate shots, after which we wait until he shoots all the ammunition and starts reloading. We run up and jam with one single blow to the face. In the next room we find two more first-aid kits.

Everything! Got the lamers! These Russians completely lack the instinct of self-preservation, in addition, they will multiply at levels at such a rate that the unfortunate rabbits will feel like the last lop-eared impotents. Also, at the end of the mission, the Russians will kill Baby Wilkes, whom we have just begun to get used to. We begin to take revenge in advance. From now on, we tear off the hatchet and we will kill. That's enough, half of the game is already passed by us without a single corpse! We run into the next room. There, three more potential corpses will ambush us. One of them will climb to the second floor and shoot from there, and the other two will sit behind the boxes on the right and left. From time to time, grenades will fly in our direction, so you can’t stay still. We do this: we run into the room and turn left, jump onto the table, and from it onto the boxes under the ceiling, under a hail of bullets, we reach the wall and climb over it into the next room. Here we take out a rifle and wait for the enemies to climb into the room. We take out two of them right in the doorway, and we knock out the third one from the stairs, which is to the right of the doors. Climb up the stairs and go left. We take cartridges from the table and kill with the help of an optical sight of three guys at the end of the corridor. Run to the end of the corridor and turn left. Carefully! There are mines, on one of which the mafia himself will be blown up. How stupid...

In the room on the right are cartridges and a first aid kit. Go ahead. Mafiosi will stand alone around the corner. Despite the fact that it is quite possible to stun him, we kill him. Another one will run up to the corpse. We put his cold corpse next to the first. We go up the red stairs and kill another Russian. We get down and go past the barrels of fuel. Next, we see how on the roof of the Kid they are shot from a Kalash. We run forward, we catch up with that mafioso who is trying to climb the stairs in front. We kill! Leaning out from behind the boxes on the right, with the help of optics, we remove the one who killed the Kid from the scaffolding. We rise to the roof along the stairs in front. Transport is waiting for us there.

Chinese Embassy, ​​Yangon, Myanmar
November 11 2004 years

Goal: Find a connection between Georgia and China

Third Echelon discovered a link between the Chinese Embassy and Nikoladze. Any suspicious links between Nikoladze and people from the People's Republic of China must be proven before any action is taken.

1. Meet with a CIA agent
2. Collect the necessary data
3. Any kill is a mission failure

We run away from the car and turn right. With the help of a garbage can we climb over the wall. As a shadow, we approach a soldier standing near two dumpsters. We muffle it according to the good old tradition. The second soldier, who until then had been walking serenely along the perpendicular street, would come to look at the body. We mute him too. We carry the bodies into the shade.

We turn left on the street and run to the burning barrel. We climb up the stairs. We walk quietly along the scaffolding that entangled the building. Having reached the rope, we grab onto it with our hands and crawl across the entire street to the neighboring house. We move straight along the cornices and reach the next staircase. We go down and quietly muffle the soldier at the dustbin.

Another soldier walks down the street. While he does not look in our direction, we run out into the street and hide behind a police jeep. As soon as he returns, we go around the car in a circle, we go to him from the back and turn off. We go further down the street. We turn left and along the wall we sneak shadows to the end of the house. Then through the shadow we pass to the other side of the street. Now we go along this side to where we came from, clinging to the fence. Soon a passage will appear in it. We turn and find a sewer hatch. We go down into the sewer. We go along the sewers forward until the silhouette of a soldier flashes ahead. We follow him, like a guiding star, through all the intricacies of the sewer tunnels.

Soon two more patrolmen will join him, and they will stop to talk under the bright light of a light bulb. We wait until they talk enough, in the shade. As soon as they continue to bypass, we quietly join the rear. Soon the first soldier will turn right into the tunnel. Quietly slap him on the water. Carefully! Soldiers in helmets have built-in flashlights and if they suspect something, they will certainly use these flashlights, and then, consider, the end of our conspiracy has come. Having caught up with the soldier, we jam him and return to the main tunnel, where two soldiers slowly go into the distance. We catch up with them and turn after the second one into another right branch. We catch up and jam it there. We suppress the last soldier until he reaches a dead end at the end of the tunnel and turns around. We return to the place where the second soldier turned. There is a staircase leading to the surface. We rise, but not to the end. Upstairs, the hatch is guarded by two soldiers. Periodically, they diverge in different directions. When this fateful moment comes, we get out and jam the soldier to the left of the hatch. We throw the body, and we ourselves rush towards the second soldier. Before reaching it, we dive into the shadow near the wall. As soon as he rushes to the body - we deafen. Near the hatch there is an iron staircase to the top. We rise. On the beams and pipes we get to the window at the very top of the building. A contact from the CIA is waiting for us there. He gives us a map of the embassy and warns us that it will be possible to get inside only under the cover of a truck that will go there through the gate. Let's go ahead.

A chimney nestled on the edge of the roof. We cling to the cable and go down.

Down the street we run forward to the first door on the right side. In a dark room, we hide behind a barrel and wait for a soldier to pass by it. As soon as he has his back to us, you know what to do. We move forward along the street and cut down another soldier in the shadows. We move even further and the first turn to the left is ours. We sit patiently in the shade and wait for the soldier to illuminate the alley with a flashlight. Then he will try to climb the stairs to the second floor of the building. In this state, he is defenseless. We muffle without a twinge of conscience. Once on the second floor, we run around the corner and go down the stairs to the next alley. At its end, the truck we need flies by.

We run out and shadows follow him through the streets of the city, ignoring the soldiers. It is vital to get through the gate while the driver's papers are being checked. Once on the territory of the embassy, ​​the first thing we do is go to the booth to the guard at the checkpoint and deprive him of the opportunity to let anyone through in the next few hours. We extinguish the world. We also extinguish the soldier who came running to check what was the matter. We go towards the left trailer. We climb very quietly under it and wait until a soldier with a dog appears on the horizon. The dog is just a beast! She is able to smell you by smell, and no amount of darkness will help. So, when the dog heads towards your side, we send the ring directly to her forehead. The dog is instantly cut off, and the wary soldier begins to fumble in the dark. We don’t even waste the ring on this animal, filling it with a corny hand. Before us is an alley.

We reach the end of it and turn left. We quietly sneak through the shadows along the left wall. Now you need to listen to a telephone conversation of a Chinese general. We point the microphone at the leftmost window on the second floor. We do our dirty work. Nikoladze talks for a long time about the possibility of a joint attack on a common enemy. Very interesting. After talking, the general goes downstairs and gets into his car.

Again, it is necessary to listen to his conversation, again with Nikoladze, in which he seems to be doting. We do this very carefully, without even attracting the attention of the guards, otherwise the mission will come kirdyk. The general leaves, and we can peacefully stun two soldiers patrolling the yard by planting in the bushes to the right of the embassy building. Then we cross the courtyard in front of the embassy and climb over the wall along the pipe. Our own minibus is waiting for us there. We're leaving.
Data obtained as a result of listening to the conversations of Nikoladze and General Feirong indicates that the latter is ready to lead people from the Chinese army to war. In addition, the American prisoners held by the general will be executed on Nikoladze's orders in the next few hours.

Mook Tsoe Bo, Yangon, Myanmar
November 11 2004 years

Objective: Find a captured unit of American soldiers

Nikoladze is going to conduct live WEB-air the execution of American prisoners of war. Vyacheslav Grinko will directly participate in this action. This execution should finally destabilize US relations with China.

1. Destroy the antenna on the roof to prevent the broadcast of the execution.

Immediately we climb over the grid that is in front of us. Two soldiers patrolling the yard should soon go to its far end. At this time, we go around the third from the back and jam. Next, we pass into the courtyard and hide behind the barrels. We muffle the second soldier when he appears next to the barrels. We turn the valve on the cistern next to the barrels and a hatch under the ground opens in the courtyard, which forces the last soldier to change the trajectory of movement and move closer to the already known barrels. Now he is ours! We muffle. There is a small house at the end of the courtyard. We go inside and take a first aid kit. A laptop flickers on the table. We use it. We read information about the upcoming execution. Now we turn off all the light sources in the room from the pistol and carefully open the door. We leave the house and move to the right to the trash can. The masked guard will follow us to the noise. We climb onto the tank and, when it appears nearby, we jump off, stunning. Now is the time to march across the yard. However, the yard is mined.

Mines radiate heat evenly, so by turning on the thermal vision mode, detecting them is a breeze. We pass into the courtyard and make our way through the shadows in those places where there are no mines. Our goal is the wall at the end of the yard. Where there is no way around the mines on the ground, we climb over the boxes, given that the yard is illuminated by wandering cones of light from powerful searchlights. Getting into this light spot is deadly, because snipers hang around the searchlights. Having reached the wall, we go to the left into a dark nook, with a dirty lamp at the top. We take a first aid kit there and double jump from the garbage can to get to the passage at the top of the wall, which is on the left. Through the passage we get out to the roof.
The roof is made of thin material, and in many places just glass. Downstairs, Nikoladze dictates more threats to the camera. Numerous militants stand silently around. Stepping on the roof means instantly raising the alarm and being shot on the spot. The antenna stands temptingly at the other end of the roof. We will make our way to it along all kinds of beams, generously scattered over the roof, pipes, cornices and other ropes, freezing in those rare moments when the bright light of searchlights illuminates the roof.

This flashing is periodic, so you just need to remember the duration of the shadow period and act during it. We get to the antenna and turn it off. Nikoladze, sensing something was wrong, immediately hurriedly evacuated, and a small army of militants was sent to the roof for us. We go from the antenna forward to the wooden platform. We sit down with a rifle at the ready and wait for the guests. They run in a bunch from the door ahead. We ruthlessly shoot them, trying to save ammo. We break open the door from where they ran out and turn right after it. We go out to the balcony, which is above the showers and shoot two militants from there. We are waiting for one latecomer to come running, and we buy lead and him. We return to where we turned into the door to the right and go down the stairs. We replenish the supply of grenades and use the laptop. We return to the balcony above the shower room and jump down from it. We grab the first aid kit and run out of the shower room into the passage, after which we move to the left. On the radio we learn that the soldier is about to be taken to the studio to be shot. Something needs to be done about this. Along the corridor we run into a small room on the left and kill the guard at the computer. The latter immediately after that we use. Then we return to the corridor and run to its logical end. There is a hole in the floor. We make our way through the tunnel to the hollow wall. There we go up the pipe and find ourselves between the roof of the building and the ceiling of some room. Below, the firing squad marches proudly. We lean out of the hatch in the ceiling and justify their name: we shoot everyone. We jump down and run to the side where the fog is coming from, turning on the thermal vision mode. These are freezers where the carcasses of brutally killed cows sway. We kill 2 militants in the direction of travel and slip into the room, under the fire of the turret. We carefully go around it from behind and turn it off. We leave the room and go right to the next shop.

There we are greeted with warmth by 3 more militants, whom we immediately send to the forefathers. There will be another turret at the exit. It won’t be possible to slip through without victims, so we turn it off and go to the table opposite, for a first-aid kit. Next to the table is a passage to the next workshop. There will be another victim in the doorway. We hand him a lead ticket to the best of all worlds and wait for two more “tourists” in the same direction. We go in and move straight ahead, past the iron cabinets. We seep into a hole in the floor near one of them. After passing through the tunnel, we get out in a room where a first-aid kit is waiting for us near the stairs.

We go down the stairs, kill the soldier and pull the lever on the right wall. We crawl into the opened passage.
Leaving the passage, we quietly sneak up to the entrance to the stall. We wet a soldier who came in on deadly matters in the head. We leave, turning left, and go to the first passage to the left. We wet the soldier and go back, this time turning into the right room. We stop a soldier going to ram by the power of persuasion of our barrel. In one stall, instead of a cow, there will be a turret. We turn off the turret and collect cartridges for the pistol and machine gun in front of it. We leave and run along the corridor to the end. There we take a first aid kit and go into the room. We wet two soldiers from the stall on the left, climb onto the ledge there and make our way past two turrets, which again disguise themselves as cows. We turn them off. Go ahead. Ahead in the stall is an already boring turret. We run past it in 2 stages, hiding behind a plank in the middle from the hurricane fire.

Further, into the corridor and to the right. We run along the corridor and - when 2 soldiers appear - we dive into a niche in the wall on the left. From there, we shoot them with a gunshot kaput. We turn right again. We run to the 2 turrets in front and turn them off, take the first aid kit and go to the room on the right. There are Chinese hostages who terribly want to communicate. Behind the wall, in the room next door, their American counterparts, who have been tortured so that they want to quietly glue their flippers together. We communicate with the Chinese. Immediately after this, a big invasion begins. If the militants get to the rooms with the hostages, then the mission will fail, because the militants will ruthlessly kill everyone in a split second. Our goal is to contain them on the outskirts of the rooms. So. We press against the wall, between two turrets.

The soldiers run in and start throwing grenades at the stalls. This must be stopped at the very beginning by shooting off the heads of grenade launchers with the help of optics. One soldier will trample on the right, trying to get around us from the rear, we put him in a line right at point blank range. Then, the "red beret" will try to go from where the grenade launchers attacked us. We stop it with accurate single shots. Another one will again go from the rear and get his turn in the stomach. Grinko himself will appear at the other end of the room. We remember that we wanted to kill him properly, so we crawl to the corridor, where he will rush like crazy, occasionally shooting from the aisles. With the help of an underbarrel grenade launcher, we send him a tear grenade into the corridor. While he is heartbroken, we run out into the corridor and release all the remaining ammunition from all the widows of weapons through him. Greenko collapses under the weight of the lead. We release a control clip into his head.
The rescue of American prisoners of war and Chinese hostages almost restored the old relationship between the US and China. Feyrong flees, demonstrating by this that he acted not on behalf of the state, but on behalf of the separatist army. Feirong is still able to unleash a war...

Chinese Embassy, ​​Yangon, Myanmar
November 12 2004 years

Goal: Uncover the secret of President Nikoladze

Feirong wants to take nuclear weapons out of the embassy. The only chance to prevent the coming war between the US and China is to prove that Feirong is acting alone, guided by Nikoladze's orders.

1. Infiltrate the embassy through the upper floors
2. Infiltrate the information archive of Feirong from the server inside the building
3. Killing a Feirong - mission failure

Time to get the meddlesome general! We go forward and turn left into a small Chinese restaurant. There, at the left wall, two soldiers are sitting at a table. In the shadow we make our way to the right wall, where, under the cover of a partition, we reach the door to the kitchen. We open it and wait for the cook to go to the stove to cook. Pressing against the left wall, we reach the corner of the kitchen, where we climb the stairs to the utility room on the second floor. From there, climb one more ladder to the roof. On shaky boards we pass to the neighboring roof. Having made our way into the shadows, we are waiting for the soldier and we deafen him. We go out to the balcony and crawl up the pipe. There we move onto the rope and slide down it to the embassy building. We cling to the cornice and around the perimeter we go around the entire building on our hands. Having reached the opening in the wall, we find a hole in the floor and make our way through it to the office. We are warned that there are many combination locks on the territory of the embassy. But for security reasons, the personnel will not have any keys and information carriers with data about them. We leave the office and go to the pantry. From it you can see the bullet-riddled wall on the right. Standing, we cling to it and go forward. We go down the pipe and go again, clinging to the wall. At the end of the passage is a soldier. We kill him.

In the room two more selflessly destroy computers. We stop lamers with shots wherever necessary. In the next office we delve into the computer and get a new task.
It is required to blow up the convoy - to destroy the trucks on which Feirong wants to take out nuclear weapons. Trucks are being prepared for departure in an underground garage. Well, we are on our way there. We exit through the door, pass another one and go up the stairs to the 2nd floor. We take the soldier standing there hostage and, while his friend thinks to shoot or not to shoot, we shoot, hiding behind the soldier as human shields. Then we silence our hostage, and with a control shot to the head we silence him completely. We cut down the camera opposite the door and turn right in the corridor. We go into the barracks, where, after a major party, 2 soldiers sleep. The floor is full of broken glass, so we move very carefully. Having settled down between the beds, we take out a pistol and knock out the brains, first one, then the second.

We leave the barracks. Two soldiers in the corridor open the door with a combination lock. We wait until they go inside, and the door closes, and run up to the code device. We turn on the thermal vision mode. The keys on the device still keep the warmth of the fingers that entered the code. We just need to repeat them, first pressing the coldest keys that have had time to cool down, since they were pressed earlier, and then the warmer keys. Thus, we will continue to open all the combination locks in the embassy. Code for this: 1436
We open the door and lean out just a little, after which we dive back into the corridor. There, behind the door - a soldier and a turret. The soldier, intrigued by our cunning jump out the door, will certainly run out to die. At the sound of shots, another one will go down the stairs and expose themselves to the bullets. We run into the room, slipping past the turret. We turn it off and with the help of a double jump from the corner behind the turret we get to the shelf on which there are Chinese vases. We break one vase and, having freed up space, we will rise to the second floor. We have a turret in front of us. We reprogram it to shoot at ANY moving target and again jump to the shelf with the vase. Two soldiers will come out to the second floor. The turret will respond to their light walking step as a command to action. The soldiers will die with puzzled faces. We rise to the balcony and turn off our turret. We climb over the pipe that is near the wall behind the turret to the neighboring balcony. Without crawling to it, we hang in the area of ​​​​the flag and wait until the “red beret” and the soldier come to the door with the scanning device.

The red beret will open the door for the soldier and he will leave. The “Red Beret” will wisely lend its services to us if we jump on it from the pipe and take it hostage. Having opened the door, we kill the “key” for the sake of world justice. Entering the room, we deafen the familiar soldier. We dig into the computer, open the window on the left and jump out into the street.
In the courtyard, we run towards the passage on the right. We find ourselves in a courtyard with a pond, wooden bridges, 3 guards and a dog. We make our way under the bridge, from where, having settled at one of the supports, we systematically shoot all living things, including goldfish under our feet. After the total genocide, we make our way to the far right goal of the courtyard, where we open the door in the thickets of reeds. Without getting out of the water gutter in the next courtyard, we wet the guard and the camera. In the room we take a first aid kit and immediately go to the warehouse.

There, the red beret opens another door with a combination lock. We turn on thermal vision and repeat the code (9763) in a proven way. Having entered the room, we prove to the red beret that he is not the only one who knows the code with an accurate shot in the back of the head. We go out to the warehouse and settle in the shade. We cut down the camera above the door from which we left, and then two curious soldiers. We go to the far end of the warehouse and climb the boxes onto the iron bridge under the ceiling. On the bridge we get to the parking lot, where the trucks have already refueled and suspiciously opened the gate. So that our happiness does not leave, we shoot directly from the stairs at the gas station.

Drivers in truck cabs begin to resemble the famous culinary dish - "Pot". After frying the drivers, we go down and dive into the hatch near the stairs. We get a new task - to get into the computer of Feyrong.

In the tunnel we suppress the soldier and move forward. After a while, we hide in the shadows and wait for another patrolman to enter the corridor. We don't touch it! On the radio, he will be informed that Feirong decided to shoot himself. The soldier runs to save the distraught commander straight to his office. We rush in pursuit of a soldier who will temporarily play the role of our compass. On the way, we type codes on the doors, translucent code devices with thermal vision. First door: 1463. Elevator. Then two more doors: 1834 and 7921, respectively. We hear the sound of shots at the end of the corridor. We run into the general's room and see a dead compass. He killed our compass! In addition, the general got drunk and goes on the attack on us, clutching a bottle in one hand and a pistol in the other, and in reality he can only hit us with a fumes. We run right at him, jump over the table, run up from behind and put the gun to his temple. We interrogate. Then we lead to the computer and force to transfer all the information to the servers of the Third Echelon.

The general obeys implicitly, after which he dies himself, saving us bullets. We say “thank you” for the hospitality and leave, especially since the entire embassy is starting to explode. Soon, almost all the rooms are on fire, and we get to the stairs, open the window and jump out into the courtyard, where a helicopter picks us up.
Relations with China are finally restored after the announcement of data obtained from Feirong's computer. Nikoladze's militants returned to Georgia, where they are going to use some kind of super-powerful weapon called the Ark.

Presidential Palace in Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia
November 13 2004 years

Goal: Find Nikoladze and the “Ark”

Nikoladze returned to Georgia and is ready to use the Ark. He must be stopped at any cost.

1. Get information from Kristavi, a protege of President Nikoladze
2. Kristavi must not die

The first part of the mission is endless jumping on ledges and rocks, climbing all kinds of pipes and other exercises on the topic of sleight of hand. Having climbed onto the wall, we deafen the dog with a ring, hiding in the nearest left corner in the yard. Behind her, we also jam the guard, if possible so that neither the second guard with the dog, nor the sniper at the searchlight on top of the observation tower sees this. From the guard we take the code from the garden gate. We suppress another guard and his four-legged friend in the same way from the right corner of the yard. We cross the yard and run to the square bushes. The passage in the bushes in the middle is ours. The cop standing there with his back is jammed. We open the gate with the code and jam another cop. Now we move to the left. There is a small hatch in the wall. Let's get into it. We take the first aid kit and go up the stairs. There is another first aid kit on the table. We enter the room with laser beams. With a bullet we rush to its opposite end and break open the door as quickly as possible. We get into a small office. The hall with rays is flooded with guards. After a while, one cop will go to the top flight of stairs, one to the bottom, and two more will patrol the hall around the perimeter. We jam the patrolmen, hiding in the shadows.

We deafen the stair guards by sneaking up quietly from behind. We can kill everyone with control shots. We go in the door, from where the guard came out. There is a staircase, the entrance and exit from which are covered with a grid of laser beams. With the help of a bedside table, we cling to the cornice and overcome the entire staircase along it. In the next room we meet with the elite of the Georgian special forces. We suppress the first in the shade. The second one too. We pick up the code from the door: 70021.

We pass to the third floor, the security below can not be touched. By dialing the code, we pass through the door. Before us is a cruciform corridor, along which 2 guards go left / right, and 2 commandos - forward / backward. Special forces move parallel to each other. We turn off the guards in turn, and shoot the special forces in the head, sneaking up from behind. At the bottom of the stairs, near the entrance, there is another first aid kit. We run along the corridor to the first turn to the left, preparing master keys. An immortal chamber hangs on the ceiling. As soon as she turns away, we run to the door, break it open and go in. More lasers. Under the first we crawl, through the second we jump. Now we are in an office with an aquarium and bookshelves. An officer will come into the room - we jam him. We take away a curious letter from him and climb into the laptop on the table. We learn that the “Ark” is a nuclear bomb. What a banality! Now this bomb is our main target. She is in the safe, which is in the basement of the palace, and the safe opens only with Nikoladze's eye. You can go to the basement through the library, the code from which is: 66768. We return to the cross corridor through the lasers and the immortal chamber. We suppress the appeared soldier. In the next room, avoiding the camera, we penetrate into the room with corpses. From it we get into the T-shaped hall. There are 3 commandos walking in a circle. We muffle everyone with the help of shadows and sit down in the elevator. We go down.

We've been noticed. Nikoladze is led to the basement, and we have an unequal battle with 4 commandos at the same time. The strategy is this: we jump out of the elevator and scratch to the left. We hide behind the closet, closer to its right corner. This is an excellent firing position, from which we remove two commandos, the one behind the closet opposite and the one that climbed the stairs. One will try to shoot us from the side, with a well-aimed shot in the head we break off his hopes. Another one will sit right above us on the second floor. Carefully leaning out, with the help of optics we kill the camper. We run into the opened underground passage, at the end of which we grab Nikoladze himself! Gotcha, animal! We interrogate for a long time, but he does not say anything. We bring him to the safe, open it, and there ... Nothing! There are no bombs!

Immediately, a special detachment of some soldiers bursts into the basement and demands that everyone raise their hands. We raise. Nikoladze is taken away, and they demand from us the key to activate the bomb, which has been in the United States for a long time and is waiting to be blown up.

We will be given five seconds, after which they promise to kill. We don't move. Two seconds before the end of the countdown, the light will go out. We grab the machine gun and start the massacre, killing the commando opposite, and from the rest, planting behind the boxes on the right. Having killed all living things, we go out to the library, and from there to the street. There is an order to kill Nikoladze. With pleasure! In the yard we jam 2 more commandos and, going up the pipe to the second floor, 2 more. Nikoladze is brought into the office and seated by the window. We can safely remove it by standing in front of the window. Nikoladze is dead! A soldier will jump out of the door next door. We kill and dive into the door. We go down to the dining room. We kill 2 more soldiers that will enter the dining room from the other end of the table. Another one will approach us from the rear. We mow the reptile in turn. Let's go there. Where did the two come from? There are two doors: left and right. Behind each of them are 2 soldiers. We open the right door and, dodging bullets, we fly back to the dining room. We fall under the nearest chair and, as soon as the soldiers open the door to the dining room, we shoot there with a tear grenade. While the soldiers are coughing, we shoot them. We run out of the dining room, run through the hall and onto the street. Under a shower of lead, we run to the helicopter. All. Saved. This is the end.
The bomb, of course, was found. The terrorists were caught. The world has been saved in less than a month, and there is not a word about us on TV. Well, true heroes always remain in the shadows. And we are a shadow, and what a shadow!

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