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Silent Hill 2. Passage of the game by 100%. All endings and secrets

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Walkthrough Silent Hill 2 100%, talks about all the endings and secrets of horror, including the guide to the Born From A Wish DLC and the Q&A section.

Silent Hill 2 - the horror is not a direct continuation of the first part of the series, but the action takes place in the same small city located in the northeastern part of the United States of America. License plates on cars that come across during the game belong to the state of Michigan. The architecture of the central part of the city was inspired by the real-life settlement of San Bruno. Plot Silent Hill 2 takes place in the southern part of Silent Hill and contains information about the backstory of the city. The power of Silent Hill absorbs what people hide in their hearts and materializes their delusions and fragments of the subconscious. In a parallel world, everyone sees things differently. This horror adventure centers on the story of James Sunderland, who receives a letter from his now deceased wife Mary. In the letter, she points to Silent Hill, where she asks him to come. Upon arrival, James finds himself in a maelstrom of nightmarish events. 

Silent Hill 2 Walkthrough 100%

1. Way to the city
Silent Hill 2 (2001)

Our hero is James Sunderland. We start the game in a roadside toilet, looking in the mirror. We go outside and look at the lake. The hero will tell you that he received a letter from his wife Mary, she invited him here - to Silent Hill. The only problem is that Mary died of an illness 3 years ago, and could not send anything, we need to find out who wrote on her behalf.

Move away from the curb (press Esc). We direct the hero to the car (it is better to control the arrow keys, he does not turn on WASD, but takes steps to the side). We examine the open interior of the car (space key), take the City Map, look where to go (M key). The plot of the first part of Silent Hill took place on the northern shore of Toluca Lake, and now we are on the southern shore.

The main road is blocked, so we go along the northern path along the coast. On the way we will see a well with a floating red leaf, near it we can survive. Let's go to the cemetery, there we will talk with Angela. She is looking for her mother in the city, and she dissuades us from going there. Then we will pass by the ranch, and eventually we will come to the city.

Eastern part of the city
Silent Hill 2. All secrets

Sanders street. Opposite there is a flower shop, to the left of it on the table we take a first aid kit. There is a dead end in the east, we go to the crossroads in the west. In the corner house across the road, at the top of the stairs, we will find a healing drink.

At the crossroads we will see traces of blood, we go along them to the north. There is a health drink against the right wall in front of the locked garage. We pass by the lane, in front of the wall is another healing drink. On the left side of the street there is a small memorial plate (there is a text on it that there were swamps on the site of the city, where blood was washed, and therefore someone saw ghosts here). A collapse is ahead, so we go to the right lane.


Behind the fence is a separate yard, we go there, take a couple of medicinal drinks, we can will remain at the red leaf. We reach the closed entrance to the tunnel, climb through the fence. Let's hear the crackle of the Radio, take it to inventory, it will warn us about the approach of enemies. There is really a monster ahead, we tear off the Wooden stick with a nail, and join the battle. We hit the monster several times (hold down F, press the spacebar). We go back.

The streets of the town

Now we can go around all the streets of the eastern region, and optionally collect useful items. We start from south to north:

- On the south Saul street we will find a car trailer, we go inside it, we will find a sheet conservation and a note about Neely's Bar.

- "Happy Burger", there is a first aid kit next to the trash can. To the west, on the other side of the street is a drink.

- Neely's Bar can only be entered through the western door, inside we will find a map with a note that the key lies in the northern alley.

- There is a drink in Martin alley in the southern part.

- at the central intersection, you can go under the roof of the Chinese store, there is a first aid kit. At the north cul-de-sac of Neely Street is a Notepad.

way further

We go to the northern dead end along Martin Street, on the way to the left at the garage we will find a drink, at the dead end we examine the body of the murdered person, we will take the Key to the hotel gate. A creeping enemy will jump out from under the car, we run away from him.

In the western part of Katz Street we will see a lock on a lattice door, we open it with the found key, we enter the hotel building. (As soon as we pass the fence, it will no longer be possible to return).

3. Woodside Hotel
Silent Hill 2. Where to find a flashlight

First detour

Hall. To the left of the entrance, there is a Wood Side Apartment Map on the wall. Ahead is a healing drink, on the right is a save sheet.

2nd floor. On the left, all rooms are closed, on the right, the nearest open room is 205, in which we take the Flashlight from the mannequin. Immediately after this, a four-legged mannequin will come to life and attack, we can run away from him into the corridor. The flashlight can be turned on and off (L key) so as not to attract the attention of monsters.

210 - ammo on the table inside, and ammo in the far right room in the corner. The rest of the rooms in this corridor are locked.

208 - a puzzle with a clock, they have not been opened yet.

3rd floor. Immediately at the entrance behind the bars we will see the key on the floor, we are trying to take it, but the little girl will throw it a little further.

301 - the whole room is shelled, there are shell casings on the floor, in the center of the room we take the Pistol from the shopping cart. We enter the inventory (key I) and equip the pistol instead of the stick. Or switch weapons on the go (key Q).

Appearance of a stranger

We return to the 2nd floor, in the laundry in the garbage chute we will see a new package, at the crossroads we will hear a strange noise. We run into the northern corridor, there behind the bars in the distance we will see a pyramid head.

Something happened nearby in room 208, we go there. The TV is now on, next to it is a corpse in a chair. On the left, from the cabinet shelf, we can pick up the Key to Apartment 202.

202 - in the kitchen we will find a healing drink, there are a lot of butterflies in the room, in the bedroom to the right of the bed there is a hole in the wall, examine it, take the Clock Key.

Clock puzzle

We go back to 208 room. On the right on the table we will find a notebook, there is a hint in it: “There are three arrows at three different heights: thick, long, thin. From slow to fast they fly to the right. Scott at fifteen, not three - you remember that."

In the left room opposite the clock there is an inscription on the wall: Henry, Mildred, Scott and three scratches. The first letters of the names correspond to the name of the arrows, and the direction of the scratches shows how to place the arrow:

Scott - Seconds (seconds) - 15.

Mildred - Minutes (minutes) - 10.

Henry - Hours (hours) - 9.

We approach the clock, turn on the inventory, use the key to open the clock glass. The second hand is already at 15, move the minute and hour to 9:10. We hear a click. Only then can the grandfather clock be moved. Behind them we pass through a breach in the wall.

209 - in the kitchen we take a healing drink, in the room you can survive. So we got to the northern staircase, we climb it to the 3rd floor, at the top on the railing of the stairs, we take cartridges.

East side of the hotel

307 - in the room we will see a pyramid head and a couple of mannequins, but they will quickly disappear. In the closet we take the Key from the courtyard.

In the corridor near the grate we select the Key to the fire exit, which the girl dragged away from us. Ammo can be found on the side of the laundry room.

303 - there is one enemy in the room, a healing drink in the kitchen, a first-aid kit on the nightstand in the room, cartridges on the broken bed in the back room.

Go down the east stairs. The second floor is boarded up, the rooms on the first floor are closed, but at the end of the corridor there is Juice in cans on the floor. Through the double doors we go outside. We return to the building through the main entrance.

In the courtyard

We rise to the 2nd floor, throw the found pack of juice into the garbage chute, because of the large weight, all the garbage will fall down.

We go down to the street, to the right of the main entrance we inspect the garbage disposal tank. In the fallen debris we find the Old Man Coin and a newspaper article about a killer obsessed with monsters.

In the hall we go to the far door, we use the key, and we will pass into the courtyard. Three enemies walk in the fenced empty pool, we jump to them, take the “Serpent” Coin from the stroller, and immediately run away from here. Through the courtyard we enter the northern part of the 1st floor.

101 - there are cartridges in the room in the corner. Inside the toilet we will meet Eddie, hugging the toilet. Until he is able to talk to us.

104 - one enemy, ammo and travel brochure.

At the end of the corridor, we unlock the door to the northern stairs, go up to the second floor, go through the breach for the clock. In the western corridor of the 2nd floor, unlock the door with the key to the fire exit. From here we jump into the window of the neighboring building.

4. Blue Stream Hotel
Silent Hill 2. Blue Creek Apartment

Safe Puzzle

203 - we leave the room with a broken window, in the toilet we will find a Note with a code, in the kitchen there is a healing drink, in the hall there is a safe on a chair.

The code of the safe is random in each new passage, the guides will not help, you must definitely look at the sheet in the game. There are 4 numbers on the sheet, a round dial of 20 numbers on the safe. It is necessary to alternately put these 4 numbers in the upper position on the dial. But the direction of movement of the dial must be changed after entering each number.

Normal difficulty: for example, 08 >> 13 << 10 >> 11. Spin right to 08, spin left to 13, spin right to 10, spin left to 11. If it doesn't work, change the initial direction of movement.

Hard difficulty: e.g. 08 >> X3 << 10 >> V6. The principle is the same, but some of the numbers will be encrypted in Roman numerals. We add the numbers to get the original number, for example X3=10+3=13, V6=5+6=11.

Inside the safe are 4 packs of handgun ammo.

1 floor

On the second floor, all other rooms are locked, so we go straight to the stairs through the white door. On the landing against the wall is a map of the western building. The only way is down.

There is a first aid kit in the hallway in the laundry room.

105. Riddle with coins, one is still missing. At the dead end near the wardrobe there is preservation.

109. There are cartridges on the couch. In the left wall we go into the white door. In a separate room with a mirror we will meet Angela. After talking with her, we will automatically receive Angela's Knife, but this is not a weapon. From the bedside table we take the Coin "Prisoner". We return to number 105.

Puzzle "Three coins"

Easy difficulty: Old man, empty, Serpent, empty, Captive.

Normal difficulty. There is an inscription on the box: “If you please, spread out three bright coins in five holes. Her tempter reclines at one end. Behind the woman's back, only the free wind plays. The formless one rests farther from all. The venerable elder never sits near the Serpent. He is to the left of the chained captive, the slave of decay.

Normal Difficulty: Empty, Old Man, Captive, Empty, Serpent.

Hard Difficulty: Empty, Old Man, Empty, Serpent, Captive.

We use each coin in turn, put it in the right place. If the combination is correct, the nightstand will open and we will take Laine's Apartment Key.

209 - there is a note for Laine on this number, we go there. There is nothing inside, but there is an open balcony, through it we will go to the next room.

208 - we take cartridges from the chair, we raise the Key to the door of the flight of stairs from the bed, we can survive. We return to the corridor, unlock the door to the northern stairs.

Boss: Pyramid Head

We will meet a monster with a helmet, it is impossible to kill him, you just need to dodge his blows for a while. The stairs down are flooded, we can only run on a narrow landing. The boss is slow and clumsy, so it will be easy to dodge. We are waiting for the siren to sound, and the boss will go down through the water. When the water level drops, we follow the boss to the street.

5. Western part of the city
Silent Hill 2. Where to get the pipe

Let's go to the western part of the city. Ahead is a dead end, to the right of it is a first aid kit. We leave the alley along the northern path. At the exit we will meet a little girl who did not give us the key. In a conversation, she will mention Mary, and immediately run away. At the underpass we go up the stairs to the left, there are 2 packs of cartridges in a dead end.

coastal park (Rosewater Park)

An underground passage will lead us to the park. On the left in the dead end are 2 packs of cartridges. A little further to the left on the bench lies a healing drink. On the right path in front of the gazebo are cartridges. On the embankment on the right is a drink.

We walk along the embankment. We will meet Mary here, she is very similar to our dead wife Mary. The next target is the Lake View Hotel. Maria will come with us, and she will need to be protected in battle.

To the right of the exit from the park there is an enemy and a healing drink.

Jack's Motel (Jack's Inn)

We cross the street, ahead of the motel, but you can’t go anywhere. In the courtyard of the motel on the trunk of the car is preservation.

On the east side of the street there is a collapse, in front of it are cartridges. We can go to a dead end in the south, on the side street we will find a healing drink. At the end of Katz Street behind the bars we will find a first aid kit, on the other side the first aid kit lies on the ground near the car.

gas station (Texxon Gas)

There is a smoking car at the gas station, a pipe was stuck in its hood, we take this Steel pipe as a new weapon. In front of the truck is 2 drinks and ammo. The locked garage has a drink and ammo.

Pete's bowling alley (Pete's Bowl-O-Rama)

To the north of the bowling alley, there is a healing drink by the grass. Maria will wait for us at the entrance. Inside we will hear a conversation between Eddie and the girl Laura. When we approach, the girl will already run away. On the middle lane of the bowling alley at the end are cartridges. We leave the building.

Strip bar (Heaven's Night)

Maria outside saw the girl run across the yard to the south. There we will rest against the wall, and we will not be able to climb through the opening. Maria will open the back doors of the bar for us, she obviously worked here.

Inside we go up to the hall, on one of the chairs we will see a first-aid kit. Let's go to the other side of the street. We will see how the girl ran into the hospital, we go there too.

6. Brookhaven Hospital
Silent Hill. Walkthrough 

There is a Hospital Map right at the entrance on the wall. We go to the front door of the registry, there we can survive. Here on the table there are records of three insane patients. There is a healing drink on the next table.

We pass into the next documentation room, near the typewriter we read the doctor's report on the disease, when a person goes to the "other side" of the world. After reading, take the Purple Ox Key. All other doors on the floor are locked, so we go to the stairs.

2 floor

Two puppet nurses will immediately attack us, it is better to beat them with a pipe without spending ammo. In the women's locker room (Women's locker room) in the locker we find a new weapon - Shotgun. On the table from the teddy bear we get the Crooked Needle. In the men's locker room in a lab coat we find the Key to the examination room.

We go through the door opposite the stairs, we get into the second part of the corridor. There are ammo at the entrance. We unlock the room for inspections (Examining room 3), there is a first-aid kit on the bed, and on the table in the typewriter there was a Carbon paper sheet with a code. The number is always random, for example 6812. Remember it.

M2. In the room on the bedside table are cartridges and the Key "Azure Eye".

M3. Enemy nurse, ammo and health drink.

M6. The same set: a nurse, cartridges and a drink.

Puzzle "Door with a code"

1st floor. We go to the first reception room (Examining room), near the reception, unlock it with a key. We pass into the next room, we take cartridges for the shotgun from the sink. The message on the white board reads: "3F Patient Wing - 7335." (Hard level: the letter "T" represents the current month).

3rd floor. There are several nurses on the floor, all doors are closed. There is a first aid kit in the far east corner. nurses. To open the double door, you need a code from the reception room.

Easy, normal difficulty: 7335.

Difficult level: 1328 (draw the letter "T" with numbers).

The door will open, in the second half of the floor there is a long corridor with single rooms.

In the bathroom, an object is visible in the drain until it is removed.

S3. In this ward, Maria will remain to rest on the bed. Take the Roof Key from the table.

S11. Here is a medicinal drink and preservation.

S14. On the bed is a chest with many locks. On the wall is a note from Louise: “I will always take care of you. This is my destiny!

Appearance of a stranger

We go to the roof along the landing, unlock the door. At the top we find the Diary. We examine the second door on the roof. Immediately after that, a pyramid head will appear nearby and throw us to the floor below.

We will find ourselves in the Special Treatment rooms, where there are 4 punishment cells. There is a note on the wall in the center, you can go into one of the punishment cells, inside it we examine a bloody stain, it shows four digits of the code, for example 4273. The code is always random.

Louise's chest puzzle

S14. We return to the chest with many locks, unlock them:

- The twist lock must be opened with a code from the punishment cell.

- On the lock with buttons, you need to enter the code from the carbon paper (in the typewriter on the 2nd floor, in the inspection room).

- On the remaining lock, use the Azure Eye key (from the 2nd floor of room M2).

- the box itself is unlocked with the key-plate "Purple Ox" (from the 1st floor, documentation room).

Inside the chest will be Hair. We go to the shower room on this floor. In the inventory, combine the Hair with the Curved Needle (for both items, select the line "combine", and then "use" on any of them). You will get a kind of fishing rod, with its help we will pull out the Elevator Key from the drain.

For now, it's best to save in room S11. In the same corridor we enter the elevator, we go down to the western part of the 1st floor. In room C3 we find ammo and shotgun shells. In C2 we find the girl Laura.

Boss: Hangmen

Laura tricks us into entering a room with two monsters hanging from the ceiling. It is better to attack them with a shotgun. From afar, they kick with their feet, but if they come close, they will immediately strangle. So we constantly move away from them, it is better to run from corner to corner, not forgetting to shoot. Each needs 8 hits. When we kill two, a third will appear.

After the victory, we will hear a siren, the familiar world will be covered with rust and blood. Someone will take us outside, where we will see the black sky.

7 Alternative Hospital
Silent Hill. How to open the box

We are in the garden, but in this world it looks like a cramped punishment cell. We return to the building, in the corridor we select cartridges for a shotgun, we can survive.

C2 - Inside is a nurse and first aid kit. C1 - Nurse, ammo and health drink. The rest of the doors are locked, we move on the elevator.

2 floor

M6 - inside ammo, first aid kit, a piece of a note. In the wall under the wallpaper there is a drawing of stretching hands, and in the recess there is a Battery and a Key of a pantry in the basement. M4 - inside two nurses, shotgun shells, drink.

3 floor

We kill enemies in the corridor. There is no Maria in room S3, only empty bottles of her pills.

S11, there are cartridges and an ampoule, on the bed there is a text about the angel Lady Doors (we are talking about a door with a picture near the elevator, we go out and inspect it until it can be opened).

In the second corridor in the storeroom (Store room) 2 packs of cartridges, first aid kit.


We go to the stairs, on the column there is preservation. We go down to the basement, unlock the doors. In the storage room, we take shotgun cartridges, move the cabinet. Mary will come here and accuse us of not protecting her. Then we go together. We go down to the cache, take the Copper Ring from the floor.

3rd floor. We go to the decorated door at the elevator, we use the found ring on our hand, but we need one more.

Silent Hill Quiz

We sit down in the elevator, we go to the 2nd floor. Inside the elevator, the radio will turn on, the show "Award or Prank". The host will ask three questions about Silent Hill, each with three possible answers. Guessing and memorizing the correct answers:

1 question - 3 (What is the name of the park? - Lakeside Amusement Park).

Question 2 - 1 (What was the name of the killer? - Walter Sullivan).

Question 3 - 3 (What is the name of the road from the lake? - Nathan Avenue).

We return to the third floor, go to the warehouse (Store room), find an expensive chest, enter the answers: 3, 1, 3. As a reward, we will receive 5 packs of shotgun cartridges and 2 ampoules.

Leaving the hospital

On the second floor we go to the Day room, there is a large refrigerator on the floor, together with Maria we can open its door, from there we take the Lead Ring. On the 3rd floor at the painted door, use the second ring.

The door will open, we go down the stairs. On the way down we will find a blue note, in which the criminal wrote that he hid the director's key in the park behind a statue.

Pyramid Head will chase after us in the lower corridor. We run faster, turning at numerous turns. We will have time to run into the elevator, and Maria will be left alone with the monster.

1st floor. All doors are locked, we can only enter the Director's Room. Inside, we examine the map with notes, transfer it to our map. Take the Hospital Lobby Key. Through the window we will see Laura running past. We go to the exit of the building, we can survive.

8. Alternative South Valley
How to get through Silent Hill

Western District

The entire city was plunged into darkness. We need to return to the first part of the city along the southern roads. Collect useful items along the way:

Shotgun shells across from the hospital.

- In the western dead end of Rendell Street, the car has a drink and a first-aid kit, and in the far left corner of the fence - shotgun shells, an ampoule.

- In the middle of the road along Rendell street, we examine the northern curb, there are 3 packs of shotgun shells. A little further, behind a lattice fence under a tree, there are 2 packs of cartridges.

- At Munson's south cul-de-sac, there are 2 packs of ammo, at the crossroads, by the door there are 2 drinks.

Along Saul street we get to the tunnel. Below, through the slatted floor, we will see thick-armed monsters, we quickly run past so that they do not hit with spikes.

Eastern District

- At the exit from the tunnel we take a first-aid kit near the van, inside the mobile home there is a note and preservation. The next passenger car has 2 packs of shotgun shells. Even further behind the hydrant and two boxes are 2 packs of cartridges.

- At the turn in front of the corner building is a first aid kit. On the same side of the street near the next intersection there is another first-aid kit.

- In front of the Happy Burger cafe, there are cartridges near two tanks, round the corner there are rifle cartridges and a first-aid kit near the tank.

- In front of Neely's Bar, at the entrance, there are cartridges. Further to the right on the porch is a drink.

- along Neely street to the north on the left side we will find 2 drinks, and at the corner of the intersection there are cartridges. Near Big Jay's there are bullets, near the Chinese restaurant opposite there are also bullets.

- along Sanders South Street at the intersection at the top of the stairs 2 packs of shotgun shells. Near the Flower Shop in the parking lot 3 packs of cartridges.

- There are bullets at the northern intersection of Lindsey and Katz. There are more cartridges on the east wall of the street.

In the marked black place on the map, on Lindsey Street, on the site in front of the house, we will find a letter and a Wrench. An unknown person writes that the clue is in the museum, and the key to it is hidden in the park behind the statue.

Walk west along Katz Street. Now the entrance to the Woodside Inn is closed, but ahead on the road we can unlock the door with bloody inscription. So let's get to the next area.

park area

- At the crossroads on the stairs of the house we will find cartridges and a drink. Nothing new has appeared in the remaining dead ends, we go to Rosewater Park.

- At the entrance to the park on the left are 2 packs of shotgun shells. There is an ampoule on a bench in the left middle cul-de-sac of the park.

- In the eastern part of the park in the nearest cul-de-sac, you can get 2 packs of shotgun shells.

We reach the statue in the center of the park, after it we dig up the earth with our hands. Find a box locked with bolts, use a wrench on it. We will get the Old Bronze Key from the treasure.

We go west along Nathan Avenue. If you go to the end, we will see that the bridge has collapsed, in front of it is a dead body, cartridges, cartridges for a rifle. There is a first aid kit in front of the museum on the right side of the parking lot. Having collected everything, we enter the building of the Silent Hill Historical Society.

9. Historical Museum
Silent Hill 2 (2001)

At the entrance to the cashier you can survive. In the room there is a painting by Pyramid Head "Foggy Day, Ruins of Judgment". In the next room is a photo of the director of the hospital. Through the charred door we go down into a very deep basement.

In the entrance room of the basement we read an entry from 1820. From the same table we take a first-aid kit. There are a couple of monsters in the next corridor. The right door is closed, there are cartridges in the intermediate door, the left door will lead us to a hole in the floor.

After jumping, we find ourselves at the bottom of the well. Here we go in a circle and inspect each section of the wall, in one place we notice strangeness. We take any weapon and break through the wall. In the half-flooded corridor we kill a couple of monsters.

Puzzle with cockroaches

We pass through the doors, immediately go into another side door. On the floor we take the Key with spiral inscriptions. Immediately after taking the key, our flashlight will go out and the door will be locked. In inventory, use the battery on the lantern, turn it on (L key).

We will see that the whole room is in cockroaches. We can crush the closest ones, and then quickly approach the combination lock. Three buttons of the lock are worn out, we try to press them in different sequences. There are 6 options in total.

We leave, next to the floor we inspect the hatch, open it with the found key, jump into the abyss.

10 Toluca Prison
Silent Hill. Where to find a rifle

We will be in the prison cafeteria. We'll meet fat man Eddie, who killed a man here. After the conversation, he will leave. One of the columns has preservation. From the tables we take 2 drinks and the Tablet "Voracious Pig".

In the first corridor on the table we find cartridges. We reach the second table, on it lies the Map of the prison.

We go in the door in the middle of the way, we will get into the corridor with shower cabins. In the left prison soul, you need to bend down to take the Tablet "Seductress".

prison rooms

We go to the southern corridor with the detention cells. The monsters are locked up, but they can spit acid through the bars. In the first open chamber there are cartridges, in the far chamber there are books about demons, there we take the Wax Doll from the table.

There are cartridges on the table in the east corridor. Rifle ammo on the shelves in the side room. From here we can enter the northern corridor with cameras. An artist was sitting in the 1st cell, we will find the paintings “436 people at a concert” and “A burning man” in his room. In the 7th chamber we take the Tablet “Oppressor”.

In the yard there is a scaffold with three loops. It has a drawing about the atonement of three sins, and three indentations. We apply here all the boards found, we will hear the death cry of the executed. When we leave the yard, we will find a Horseshoe on the door.

Staff rooms

In the central corridor in the northern part on the left there are two meeting rooms, in the first one there is a first aid kit, a lighter is visible behind the glass. We pass through the second room, where the glass is broken, go over and take the Lighter.

In the west corridor in the women's bathroom, someone hid in a stall. The men's restroom has preservation.

We pass into the side security room, take a first-aid kit from the TV, an ampoule at the sink, a drink on the table. On the table we can read the legend about Toluca Lake (two ships sank on it, and many bodies rest at the bottom). We go into the next room, there are cartridges and a new weapon - the Hunting Rifle.

We reach the stairs, it is locked, but in front of it there is a hatch in the floor, it lacks a handle. We glue a homemade pen (in the inventory we combine three items: wax, lighter, horseshoe). We jump down.

way down

We find ourselves in the basement, you can only go through the double doors to the morgue. We pass further and a couple of times we jump into the abyss. We sit in the freight elevator, take 3 types of cartridges and a first aid kit. On the ground floor we can survive.

11. Labyrinth
Silent Hill 2. How to get a good ending

Let's get into an abandoned building. There is no map, but it will be drawn as you progress. Ahead is a door blocked with wire. On the left we pass through the corner corridor with several monsters. We go along the left wall, and we reach two stairs, both lead to a circular corridor.

Pyramid-headed walks in a circle, we run away from him in the other direction. In the center you can enter the room, there are 2 packs of ammo and Pyramid Head Knife.

We go south along the top floor, go down the stairs to the half-flooded floor, kill a couple of monsters, climb another ladder.

Cube puzzle

In the center is a cube with multi-colored faces, it can be rotated left to right and up and down. Nearby is a metal room that turns after the cube. It is necessary to rotate the cube so that the recess in the room turns towards the door. Solution:

On the right side are green eyes, the head is upside down.

On hard difficulty: random value.

Go through the opened door into the living room. Behind the bars we will see the living Mary. She will attribute her miraculous resurrection to our forgetfulness. And he will tell about the videotape that only Mary knew. To free the girl, you need to go here from the other side, so let's go out for now.

Behind the wire

In the room with a cube near the stairs we will see an open switchboard, we take the Nippers from there. We return to the beginning of the maze, bite the wire.

There are two other stairs in the half-flooded tunnel, we climb the nearest one. Further on is an intricate two-story labyrinth with monsters. Along the way, you can find 3 packs of ammo. As a result, we will reach a room where there is a newspaper on the floor and preservation.

Boss: Purgatory Gatekeeper

We go through the corridor with newspapers, we will hear a cry. Angela was attacked by "daddy" in the living room with pistons. It's better to use a shotgun. We get up in one corner, shoot back, run across to another, continue. You need 8-10 accurate shots. After the victory, Angela will finish off the boss with a TV. She complains about some rapist, accuses us, and leaves.

Puzzle "6 hangmen"

In the side room we will find 6 placed bodies, each has his crime written on his face:

1) Murder, 2) Theft, 3) Arson,

4) Abduction, 5) Fraud, 6) Counterfeiting.

In the next room we will see 6 empty loops. Nearby on the wall on a small poster is a warning that a wrong answer will cause monsters. All 6 crimes are described on a large poster. According to the description, you need to understand which of them is not guilty, and pull the loop in his place.

Easy level: Abductor (4).

Normal level: Pyro (3) (he was framed by the sheriff),

Hard level: Counterfeiter (6).

We pull the loop of the innocent, go to another room, where the Key of the Wronged will appear instead of the body.

We go further along the corridor, remove the handcuffs from the door, unlock them. Through the flooded corridor we get into the living room. Maria is dead again.

We go back, a side corridor has opened. We rise, take the first-aid kit and go out to the cemetery. In the corners and behind the tombstones we will find 3 packs of cartridges, in the far left corner is an ampoule. Here you can survive. You can read the inscriptions on the tombstones. In the far left corner, three graves together: Eddie Dombrowski, Angela Orosco, James Sunderland - all three that roam Silent Hill. We jump into our grave.

Boss: Eddie

In the freezer we will meet Eddie among many dead people. Now he is killing everyone, and he will start shooting at us. We can always run away from him. If health is low, use first-aid kits right during the battle. It fires 6 shots and then reloads. At this moment, we arm ourselves with a shotgun, shoot 3 times, and Eddie will run away into the next room.

Take shotgun ammo, rifle ammo. We go into the hall where carcasses of meat hang. This is where Eddie will hide from us behind the carcasses. We can also run up from behind and shoot from behind. 8-9 more hits and Eddie will be killed.

12. Lake View Hotel
Silent Hill 2. LakeView Hotel

Lake Toluca

We leave the warehouse on the coast. At the docks, we board a boat and swim across the lake. You need to find the light of the beacon in the fog and swim to it. This will take about 2 minutes. On the hard difficulty level, you need to manually control the movement of the hands in order to row with oars. When we swim, we will see a hotel on the northern shore.

1 floor

We examine the fountain on the left, take from it the Musical Box "The Little Mermaid". In the building at the entrance there is a Hotel Card (for guests), the number 312 is marked on it.

We go to the Lake Shores restaurant on the right, inside we take the “Fish” Key from the table. We will meet Laura near the piano, she will give a letter from Mary. It turns out that Mary wanted to adopt this girl. Soon Laura will run away for the second letter.

Two dangerous monsters in frames roam the corridor. In the western part of the corridor we can enter the restroom, there are two mannequins, and in the back room on the shelves there are 3 packs of cartridges, rifle cartridges.

We go down to the stairs, on the right in the non-working elevator we find the Solvent.

In the lobby, in the information window, we will find a note that a videotape was left for us in the office on the 1st floor. Next we go in the door, behind the counter in the cells we will find the Key to room 312. In the center of the hall there is an old jukebox. There is also in the lobby preservation on the armchair.

2 floor

We go to the dressing room (Cloak room), take a first aid kit, 2 packs of cartridges, 2 packs of cartridges for a shotgun. We examine the suitcase, use the “Pisces” key on it, inside we take the Key to room 204.

There are 2 packs of cartridges in the dead end of the southern service corridor. In the next room is a library with shotgun shells and a drink.

204. In the room on the table we find the Key to the service elevator. Through a gap in the wall we pass into room 202, there is a locked suitcase and scattered photographs. We use a solvent on the photo painted over with a felt-tip pen, we will see the code from the suitcase: DAMN. Inside the suitcase is a Cinderella music box.

We go to the east wing, in the corridor near the elevator we take rifle cartridges and a drink. The main elevator does not open, but to the right of it we can unlock the door to the service elevator. We take 2 drinks here, we can survive. The elevator has a weight limit. We need to put all our things in the closet, only after that we can go downstairs.

Without weapons

1st floor. From the wall we take the Hotel Map (for staff).

We go to the Office room, take the Videocassette and the Opener from the open safe. In the recreation room (Employee lounge), from the refrigerator we take 2 packs of cartridges for a rifle. In the closet (Pantry) on the right shelf we will find the Music Box "Snow White".

We go down the stairs to the basement. There are a couple of mannequins in the corridor, we dodge them. We go into the boiler room (Boiler room), take the first aid kit and the Key to the bar. We pass to the kitchen (Kitchen), take 3 drinks, with the help of an opener we open a large canned food without a label, we suddenly find a Light Bulb in it.

Bar Venus tears. We approach the door on the left, we have a key, but in the dark the door cannot be opened. On the bar opposite we will see a lamp, we insert a light bulb into it, after that we unlock the door.

We find ourselves in the basement near the central elevator. We go up the stairs to the 2nd floor in the east wing to pick up all our things from the closet.

Music box puzzle

We go to the lobby, install all three boxes found. You need to approach the device from three different sides. We read the clues on the tablets, and put the corresponding character:

1. Cinderella (ran away at midnight).

2. Snow White (awakened from the dead).

3. Little Mermaid (didn't say a word).

Difficult level: 1 - Cinderella, 2 - Mermaid, 3 - Snow White.

When we turn on the correct melody, we get the Key to the hotel stairs. We go to the 3rd floor, unlock the door on the stairs.

312. In the room we use a cassette for a VCR. We'll see the tape with Mary at the hotel. And then a short passage in the hospital. It was James himself who killed Mary. Laura will come, tell her about it. Left alone, we hear Mary's voice through the radio, we continue to search for her.

13. Alternative hotel
Silent Hill 2. How to get a good ending

2 floor

Now water is dripping from the ceilings of the hotel, and there is more and more mold on the walls. In the corridor of the 3rd floor, you can survive.

We go down to the 2nd floor, enter the reading room. On the table we will find headphones, through them we will hear a dialogue with the doctor about Mary's fatal illness.

Entering some doors of the rooms, we will teleport to other doors. We only need a transition from 202 to 219. Near room 219 there are 2 packs of cartridges, further along the corridor near the elevator 2 ampoules. We go down the elevator to the basement.


Half-flooded corridors are inhabited by crawling mannequins. We take 5 drinks at the Venus Tears bar. In the kitchen we take 2 packs of cartridges for a rifle, 2 for a gun, and a first aid kit.

We go to the landing, there we will meet Angela. After a dialogue with us, she will go into the fire - into her personal hell. We go out the door, go in again, and we can climb the usual stairs.

1 floor

We pass through the burnt corridors. At the dead end on the left are 2 ampoules. On the right along the way we will find 2 packs of cartridges for the rifle. We pass along the corridor with a slatted floor, we will be attacked by thick-armed ones. In the room we will see a square of 9 sheets saves.

Boss: Pyramid Heads

We will see Mary captured by monsters, she will be executed right in front of our eyes. Pyramid Heads - the feeling of guilt of the protagonist, and now we will try to get rid of this feeling. Monsters will run after us with spears, faster than usual. The hall is large enough, we can constantly run from corner to corner and shoot from a rifle.

After our victory, the pyramid heads will kill themselves with spears. We examine them, we take the Scarlet Egg from one of the hands, and the Red Egg from the second. We use both quail eggs on two doors. We run along a long corridor. If we go to the standard ending, we will hear a conversation with Mary in the hospital, as she asked to be killed. We go up the stairs to Mary's room.

Boss: Maria

The girl will offer to stay with us, we refuse. Then she will turn into a monster hanging on the bed. If she flies up close, she will try to strangle us with a tentacle, we press all the buttons to get out. From afar, she attacks with a cloud of butterflies, it delays us for a while. We act as with any boss: we run away, shoot from a rifle, run across to another corner. At the end, Maria's bed will fall, we make the last shot at close range.


Departure / Farewell (Leave)Obtaining conditions: - Try to avoid injury, heal the hero quickly. - Ignore Maria: do not visit her in the hospital, do not wait for her, let her get injured. - Examine Mary's letter and photo. - Listen to Mary's monologue in the hallway before the finale.
We see a conversation between James and Mary in the hospital. James finally speaks out everything that has tormented his soul for so long. He asks for forgiveness for what he has done. Mary forgives him and gives him the letter, after which she dies. We read the letter on the background of the cemetery. At the end, James and Laura leave Silent Hill. James' sin is forgiven and he can start a new life without guilt or pain.
MariaConditions for obtaining:- Do not inspect Angela's knife, Mary's photo and letter.- When you meet Maria, protect her from monsters.- Re-visit her in the hospital room and in the cell.- Run through the hallway before the final without listening to Mary's words.
After the final fight, James returns to the pier. Mary approaches him. He invites Maria to leave Silent Hill with him. Mary gives James Mary's letter, which gives him forgiveness and permission to start a new life. Together with Mary, James returns to the car.
In Water (In Water)Conditions for obtaining:- Do not heal James immediately, leave him wounded for longer.- Inspect Angela's knife several times.- Read the diary on the roof of the hospital.- Read the text in "Neely's Bar" after the hospital.- Listen to the conversation in the headphones in the hotel library.- Listen to the monologue Mary in the corridor before the final.
After killing the last boss, James is next to Mary lying on the bed. He apologizes for taking her life. Despite his wife's pleas to continue living, he picks up Mary in his arms and gets into the car. Suicide seems to him the only way out. He accelerates and the car dives into Toluca Lake.
RebirthConditions for obtaining: You need to find 4 items for the ritual (appear only upon repeated passage): 1) White fir. Blue Creek Hotel, #105, in the kitchen. 2) Book: Lost Memories. Refueling "Texxon Gas", in a box. 3) Obsidian goblet (Obsidian goblet). Historical Museum, in a broken glass case. 4) Book "Crimson Ceremony" (Book: Crimson Ceremony). Lakeview Alternative Hotel, 2nd floor, Reading room, on a shelf.
After the final fight, James, along with Mary's body, floats on a boat on the lake. He has collected all the necessary things to conduct an ancient local ritual for the resurrection of the dead, and is going to carry it out. James hopes to cheat death and bring Mary back.
Dog ending (Dog)Conditions for obtaining: 1) You need to get the "Rebirth" ending or the other 3 main endings. 2) After that, near the Jack's Inn hotel in the parking lot inside the dog house, we take the dog key (Dog key). 3) You need to unlock the door to the observation deck with the key ( Observation room) on the 3rd floor of an alternative hotel.
Using the key, James will enter a room with computers. A dog sits on a chair in front of the computer and controls everything. James exclaims, "So it was you!" and falls to all fours. The dog runs up to James and starts licking his face. After that, there are funny credits with funny music.
UFO ending (UFO)Conditions for obtaining: You must complete both scenarios. After that, during a new game in the toilet, a Blue gem will appear on the floor. It should be used in: 1) Alternative Hospital, 1st floor, in the garden (Garden). 2) At the boat dock right after defeating Eddie. 3) LakeView Hotel, #312.
In response to the third use of the stone, an armada of flying saucers will fly in. Harry from Silent Hill 1 will meet us. Harry will ask if we have seen his daughter. In response, James will ask if he has met his wife Mary. After that, the alien will stun James, and Harry will help bring him into the flying saucer.

Secret weapons
in Silent Hill 2

Chainsaw - upon re-passing, we will find it on the initial path, at the entrance to the city.

Spray - To get it, you need to beat the game twice, with the same ending. On the third playthrough, we'll find him in a house on Saul Street. The spray will have a random color from the following:

Green spray - kills any enemy;

Yellow spray - kills bosses: gatekeeper, Eddie;

White spray - kills dummies, nurses.

DLC Born From A Wish

We play as Maria, armed with a revolver. We start in the inner room of the Heaven's Night bar. In our room we take 2 packs of cartridges in the closet, 2 drinks at the sink. In the main hall from the bar we take a first aid kit and a Chinese cleaver.

The streets of the town

From the bar we go south. We can collect useful things on the way:

- In the middle of Rendell Street in the north, there are 2 drinks by the truck.

- At the western cul-de-sac of Katz Street, there are 2 packs of cartridges behind bars. In the middle of Katz, next to the jeep is a first aid kit. In the eastern dead end of the street, before the collapse, there is a first aid kit and cartridges in the back of a jeep.

- In the northern dead end of Munson Street, at the left pillar, 2 packs of cartridges.

We get to the northern dead end, near the Blue Creek Apartment, we enter the bloodied door. There are two monsters and a dead man in the yard.

House Baldwin

In the hall, the side doors are locked, we go straight into the double doors. In the living room with a fireplace we find the Map of the house, in the center on the table there is a first aid kit and 2 packs of cartridges, on the right there is preservation. You can only go through the door on the left, there we go up the stairs, along the way we take 2 packs of cartridges.

2nd floor. We are trying to open the western door to the Lounge, but the door will be closed in front of us. The recluse Ernest is sitting there, he will never let us in.

We go to the southern corridor, kill a couple of monsters, take a first-aid kit from the table. Through the side door we go out to the balcony, there we take the White Board.

We return to the 1st floor, in the living room the sash of the fireplace has opened, a staircase is hidden inside it, we will climb it to the summer garden.

Puzzle Tombstone

In the garden we take the Red Board and the Black Board. We read the inscription on the headstone. All three boards must be inserted into the recess, you need to focus on the square holes in the boards. Correct option:

1. White board.

2. Red board, rotate 90 degrees to the left.

3. Black board. Paste as is.

For solving the puzzle we get the Acacia Key.


We go to the 2nd floor, on the southern balcony we unlock the door. There is 1 monster in the corridor. We go into the children's room, take Matches from the bedside table. At the end of the corridor we will rise to the attic.

We see a thing under the chair, but we can’t take it in the dark. There is a candlestick on the table, use matches on it. When lighting a candle, we take from under the chair a Greeting card to Ernst from her daughter Amy.

We return to Ernest's room, now you can enter, but there is no one inside. On the table we read the book Acacia, we take a first aid kit, 2 drinks. From here we can go to the northern corridor, there is a monster and a couple of cockroaches. We go down the north stairs.

There are ammo and a couple of enemies in the long corridor. We reach the service room (Service Room), there are cartridges and 2 drinks. There are a couple more mannequins in the south corridor and preservation. In the Studio (Study) we read a book about the resurrection of the dead. We can talk to Ernest through the door, we give him a postcard. We learn that his daughter died after falling down the stairs. Ernest will ask you to bring him a white liquid to create a potion.

From the southern corridor, we can now unlock the door to the central room with a fireplace. We return to the southern short passage, opposite the save sheet, we pass to the southern stairs.

Below we read a memorial tablet about Amy Baldwin. We pass along the basement corridor with cockroaches. Let's go out to the backyard, kill a few mannequins. We pass into the neighboring yard, we go into the hotel building.

Blue Stream Hotel

On the landing on the 2nd floor is the Hotel Map.

105. In the kitchen we take a first aid kit, a drink. There is in the closet preservation. In the main room, a puzzle is a coin box with a vial of White liquid on it.

203. You can enter the room with the safe, but it is empty. There is nothing else on the second floor. We return to the mansion.

We bring the liquid to Ernest. He will talk about James. We enter his room, but it turns out to be empty. On the street, Maria decides to kill herself with a revolver, but changes her mind and goes to the embankment to meet James.

Questions - answers

Question: What to do if the videos do not work? (Silent Hill 2)

Answer: The cutscenes of the game only work well on single-core processors. On multi-core, you need to manually switch to one core: after starting the game, minimize it (Alt + Tab), open the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del). Go to the 2nd tab "Processes", find the process of the game "sh2pc.exe". We click on it with the right button, select the line "Set Affinity" (Set Affinity ...), leave a tick on only one core "CPU 0" (CPU1). This should be done every time you start the game.

Question: What's in the toilet?

Answer: At the beginning of the game, there is nothing in the toilet, but when you play it again, there will be a Blue Jewel - Channel Stone to summon a UFO. And in the Blue Stream Hotel in room 203, the toilet will contain the code for the safe in the same room.

Question: What influences the ending? (in game Silent Hill 2)

Answer: It is not some specific plot forks that influence, but the general attitude towards one's own life, towards the life of Mary, and attention to detail. It is described in more detail in the endings themselves.

Question: What to do if you can't find an item?

Answer: Use our walkthrough. All items are highlighted in colored text and indicated on location cards.

Question: What happened to the wife? (in game Silent Hill 2)

Answer: According to the plot of the game, we learn that the wife of the protagonist suffered from a serious illness, lay in a hospital bed for a long time, and tormented herself and her husband with reproaches. As a result, James could not stand it, and killed his wife to end her torment. But later he began to doubt the correctness of this act, he had a feeling of guilt. And the town of Silent Hill called him to give a chance for redemption.

Question: Where to find coins?

Answer: 1) Coin Old Man - you need to clean the garbage chute in the hotel on the 2nd floor, and then inspect the fallen bag of garbage on the street. 2) Coin Serpents - in the courtyard of the hotel, at the bottom of the pool. 3) Coin Captive - in the hotel in room 109, in the room with Angela.

Question: Where can I find a flashlight? (in game Silent Hill 2)

Answer: We will find a flashlight in the story, in a hotel in room 205, on a mannequin.

Question: Where can I get a pipe?

Answer: In the western part of the city, near the Texxon Gas station, the pipe is stuck in the hood of the car.

Question: Where is the shotgun? (in game Silent Hill 2)

Answer: In Brookhaven Hospital, on the 2nd floor in the women's locker room (Women's locker room).

Question: Where to find a rifle?

Answer: In Toluca Prison, in the western staff room.

Question: Where is the service elevator? (in game Silent Hill 2)

Answer: In the final hotel, the service elevator is located in the center, a little east of the main elevator, we will find it behind the next door.

Question: Where are the saves located?

Answer: Saves are located in the folder with the installed game. On Windows 7, the default location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Silent Hill 2\data\save.

Question: Where are the music boxes located? (in game Silent Hill 2)

Answer: 1) The Little Mermaid casket - in front of the hotel entrance, stands on the left fountain. 2) Cinderella Box - in room 204, inside the suitcase, the code for it can be seen in the photos next to it, if you apply a solvent. 3) Snow White's box - in the basement, in the pantry (Pantry) on the right shelf.

Question: How to attack, beat with a stick?

Answer: Management on the computer: hold down F, press the spacebar.

Question: How to open the box in the hospital? (in game Silent Hill 2)

Answer: You need to listen to the quiz questions on the knowledge of the city of Silent Hill in the elevator, guess and remember the correct answers. After that, on the 3rd floor in the warehouse (Store room) we enter the answers: Q1 - 3, Q2 - 1, Q3 - 3.

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