Resident Evil 2 Remake
Resident Evil 2 is a third-person re-release of the 2 action-horror classic Resident Evil 1998. The sequel takes place two months after the end of Resident Evil HD Remaster. In the small American town of Raccoon City, a catastrophe occurs. All its inhabitants have turned into zombies under the influence of biological weapons created by the pharmaceutical company Umbrella. The main characters - Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield have to find a way out of this zombie madness.
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Resident Evil 2 Remake - Claire Walkthrough Guide.

Resident Evil 2 Remake features two heroes, Leon and Claire. You can choose one of two at the very beginning of the game. The passage of the storyline will be different, depending on the chosen hero. The prologue events remain unchanged!

After you complete the game as Leon (if you chose him as the first character), you will unlock the second playthrough mode, in which you have to control Claire. It will be an alternate story that unfolds parallel to the first mission, but with some key differences: different puzzle solutions will be required, items and enemies are in different locations. But the most important thing is that the second playthrough will allow you to see the true ending of the game.

However, there will be similar routes and other gameplay aspects whether you played the game for the first time as Leon or Claire.

In Resident Evil 2, a certain rating is assigned depending on the time spent on the passage. Therefore, in order not to slow down much, we will not indicate the location of each individual item in the walkthrough. If you're interested in additional secrets, weapons, upgrades, and inventory upgrades, check out the Tips and Tactics section for detailed guides.


After the cutscene that tells of Leon meeting Claire at the gas station, you will gain control of a new character. This time the game will start in a graveyard outside the police station. Walk forward past the graves and down the stairs. Move past the door with the chain on the right hand and climb the other steps. On the left side lies red grass, a little further to the right - blue. There is a grate with a fire escape around the corner, and you were on the other side.

Go to the gate and take it from the barrel on the left side cutting tool. A cut-scene will start, and zombies will appear on the location (about four or five pieces). Run past them in the opposite direction, go down the stairs and use the cutting tool on the chain that holds the door on the left hand. This is the first safe room in the second playthrough of the game. Collect ammo and other supplies, including a quick-loading revolver (if you play as Leon for the second time, he will find a pistol).

Cutting tool.

Yard key, which you need, hangs on a locker hook to the right of the entrance. Keep in mind that during this time, the zombies you successfully bypassed were constantly moving, so be prepared for them to block the path back to the gate. Having dealt with everything, leave the room and go back up the stairs to the place where you found the cutting tool. Open the gate with the key and collect cartridges from the table and boards side, right hand.

After that, you can throw away the key to the yard from inventory. Open the door on the left side, then turn right and enter the office. Watch your step as the cop who got cut down during the first playthrough has now turned into a zombie and is crawling on the floor. Go through the shutters, pull out a combat knife from the wall (on your right hand) and move along the corridor.

At the end of it, turn left and left again: go through the door and find yourself in the rest room. Another safe room that can be used while at the police station. If you wish, save, pick up supplies and set up your inventory. In a room with a bunk bed, which is connected to the recreation room, lies on a chair fuse. Pick it up and keep it ready, because the item will come in handy soon.

Go past the hacked-up cop, go out into the corridor with the rest of the zombies lying on the ground, and turn right. Use the cutting tool on the door with the chain directly in front of you. This will take you to the east office. Inside, kill two zombies and collect a lot of supplies. Be sure to pick up valve from a side room in the office.

Go to the far end of the hall and move the chair blocking the door. Go through it and on the right side you will find a pantry with cartridges and boards. However, to continue the plot, follow the left. Use the fuse from inventory on the wall panel to raise the shutter, then go to the main hall.

The main hall is now an unsafe place unlike the first playthrough, so deal with the attacking zombies, and then take hip bag from the admin desk. If you watch the video on the computer with the red monitor on your right hand, you will see a cut-scene with the Tyrant. As you can guess, during the second playthrough, the Tyrant will be more aggressive and persistent. Go deep into the main hall, to the statue of the goddess, and find an old friend Marvin. Grab the notepad from the couch where the cop was lying and you will realize that this time the solution to the statue puzzles is not so easy.

However, we will help you save time on the game by providing the correct answers to these puzzles right away. Climb the stairs in the main hall and go to the lion statue. Make sure you get rid of the zombies on the right. Enter the following code from right to left: crown, flame, bird. So you get lion medallion. Turn around and return to the first floor of the main hall. The reception is located on the southwest side of the hall. Go to it and turn right to the west wing.

The answer to the riddle is in the statue of a lion.

Outside the window you will see Lizun. Walk along the corridor until you reach the officer lying in the corner. Turn right, but stop and point the lantern at the ceiling. Above you is a Lizun, which must either be carefully bypassed or killed. To sneak past, just move under it. Ignore the zombies outside the window, keep walking silently.

To kill him, focus on headshots to stun the target, then use your combat knife to save ammo. Repeat the procedure until completely destroyed. In any case, go down the corridor, turn right at the very end, then get to the operations department. Take the ammo from the left side and remove ground floor map, which was there the first time you played the game. Use the cutting tool on the door with the chain, after which you can throw it out of inventory.

Inside the new room you will find detonator without a battery, which will be needed for the statue of a virgin. Open the lock to your left and exit into a new corridor. There is a fat zombie on the right side, so take it out before moving on. We suggest killing him right now, otherwise the enemy will interfere with your movement in the future. Head to the storage room on the left. Use the keypad in front of you to open lockers #106 and #109. Be aware that a zombie has woken up behind you and will immediately try to enter the room.

Locker #106 contains a film that, when developed, will give you a hint on how to open the weapon stash at the back of the room. In number 109 are the necessary cartridges. Leave the storage room and turn left. Kill the zombie that breaks through the window, then be sure to board it up. You will be here quite often, and zombies will climb through the window almost every time. Another zombie will wake up to your right.

Then go to the photo lab, pick up the supplies and develop the film as you wish. Leave this place, climb the stairs near and on the second floor, pick up cartridges from the floor. Turn right, kill the zombies, then move along the corridor until you find yourself in the men's shower. Inside you will see steam blocking the path. First, clean out all the cabinets. In the one that is closer to the couple, a zombie is hiding.

The code for unlocking the locker with a combination lock is CAP. In the right corner from the entrance, where there was a portable safe during the first passage, you will find box with stones. In case you forgot, there is a STARS token hidden inside. Before moving on, use the vent from inventory (found in the east office) on the pipe to the left of the steam passage. You will get rid of the barrier. However, do not rush to go forward, but return to the stairs and go up to the third floor. At the top, turn to the right side and pick up the cartridges lying on the side.

You will find a shadow on the wall, which the developers are trying to scare you for the second time. But now, danger is really waiting for you around the corner - zombies. Kill him and take him off the table blue key. The code for the locker located outside the room is DCM. Return to the darkroom to drop the casket into the chest and any extra ammo for the weapon that isn't there yet. Now is a good time to visit the west office on the ground floor. Head back down and follow the corridor to the door opposite the storage room with the grenade launcher.

Blue key.

Go inside and deal with the opponents. One zombie is sitting on a chair while the other one is hiding in a side room. There is also a safe that can be opened by turning the dial nine times to the left, fifteen to the right, and seven more to the left. Hidden inside hip bag. Go to the far end of the room where Leon's desk with two locks is located. The employees played a joke on the young specialist and hung up the locks, giving a hint to find a solution. One way or another, the left one opens with the NED code, and the right one with MRG. Inside you will find pistol upgrade.

Now go back to the photo lab and sort out the inventory. Go to the second floor to the shower room and go to the back. On the other side, take the gunpowder from the locker, and then go through the door. Pick up incendiary cartridges from the sofa on the left side, then move forward along the corridor. The first door on the left leads to the STARS office. Enter there and in the side room on the left, take away from the table battery. Combine it in inventory with the previously found detonator. You'll get working detonator.

Now search the entire office, collecting useful items, then exit into the corridor and turn left. Almost immediately, an old friend, the Tyrant, will appear on your way. If you haven't already, shoot the hat on his head to unlock the trophy. Then turn around and run away from him through the shower room. Climb down the stairs and enter the safe room, the photo lab. Hide unused supplies in the chest, be sure to take the detonator and battery if they are not there, and combine them in inventory.

Now run through the west office to the main hall, opening the door with the blue key along the way. Turn left and run upstairs. Turn left again to find another door for a blue key. After opening it, you will find yourself in the library. Go inside and take it from the table on the left red book. Then run through the room to another door on the left, by the stairs, to find yourself in a small room with a unicorn statue. In addition, on a stand nearby is second floor map. Install the following images on the statue from left to right: a boy with a girl, scales, a snake. Take away unicorn medallion.

The answer to the riddle is in the unicorn statue.

Pick up from the table on the side yellow boxto find a clue to the lion statue puzzle inside. Although we have already decided it. The door leading to the corridor with the STARS office is closed on the other side, so go back to the library. Once you're in the main hall, stay on the second floor and go through the door leading to the waiting room in the east wing. Inside is another safe, behind the counter. To open it, turn the dial six times to the left, two to the right, and eleven to the left. Go through the door using the blue key to enter the corridor from where you can get to the gallery. Now you can throw away the blue key.

On a small table in front lies access card for the weapon crate in the storage room. Thanks to it, you will open the locker and pick up the grenade launcher at the back of the room. On the right side is a statue of the king. Pick up from the table on the right hand from the statue and combine it in inventory with the red book. Place a hand with a book on the statue to receive in return skipetr. Be prepared for Lizun to fall from the ceiling. After dealing with it, open inventory and inspect the scepter. Click on the button on its base to get Red stone. Head back to the photo lab through the main hall and the west office.

As soon as you are in place, take out the box with stones from the chest and combine it with the red stone in your inventory. As a result you will find STARS token. Go around the corner to the storage room and use the access card on the reader by the locker in the back. Thanks to this, you will be able to pick up a grenade launcher with incendiary rounds. Now return to the stairs near the photo lab, go up to the second floor and go through the shower room to the corridor and the STARS office. Inside the office, open inventory and examine the STARS token. On the back, find the button and press it to open the flash drive.

Use the flash key on the computer on the left side of the STARS office, then click on the monitor nearby to open access to the arsenal with the MQ11 submachine gun. Don't forget to take the STARS token from the computer to use it later. Return to the photo lab and collect the lion and unicorn medallions. Also don't forget to take a detonator. Climb the stairs to the third floor to go to the west storage room. To do this, turn left from the corridor.

Go to the back of the pantry to find boarded up boards with explosives. Use a detonator with a battery on it, then move around the corner and wait for the explosion. After the explosion, take the new path to the room with the statue of the maiden, then set the following images from left to right: ram, harp, bird. You'll get maiden medallion.

The answer to the riddle is in the statue of a woman.

Act quickly as the explosion will most likely draw the Tyrant's attention. With all three medallions in hand, turn around and walk in the opposite direction. If the Tyrant suddenly appears in the western pantry, then simply go around the pillar in the center of the room to escape from it. By the way, here on the table will lie hip bag. Go past the photo lab, through the west office to the main hall. Approach the statue of the goddess and use all three medallions on it. This will open a secret passage to the next part of the game world.


After escaping from the police station through a secret passage in the main hall, Claire will find herself in a richly decorated secret room. The way back is closed, so you have to go down even lower, to the underground complex.

In the subway

Use the chest and save on the typewriter. Pick up various supplies in the room. Be sure to put the STARS token in your inventory as you will need it shortly. Get a better weapon - a grenade launcher with incendiary rounds, as the first boss awaits you below. When you're ready, take the elevator down on the right side of the room.

You will find steps leading down. Follow all the way to the bottom and find a special weapon locker at the far end of the room. Apply the STARS token on it. Please note that if you opened it by pressing the button on the back, then you need to click on it again to hide the flash drive. By applying the token, you will open the box and get upgrade for the MQ11 submachine gun. This is a very useful improvement that allows you to silence shots. Now you can kill zombies without warning the others, and especially the Tyrant.

Combine it with the submachine gun, then climb the steps up one tier and go through the door next to the hydrant. Follow through the galley until you reach a large open room, then turn right. Try to lift the locker to trigger a cutscene and start the first boss fight with William Birkin. The battle will be the same as in the first playthrough. Shoot him in the head to stun the enemy. Or use a grenade launcher with incendiary rounds, then aim at the eye on the shoulder. After a couple of repetitions, he will fall down, and a little girl named Sherry will lower the ladder for Claire.

William Birkin.

Before you continue, search the location where you fought the boss. There are many useful items in the corners of the hall. After going upstairs, turn right, and search the office to collect supplies. Then accompany Sherry, moving with her to the left. Pull the lever to move the bridge and go to the other side. Follow the path to the end to find a safe room with an item chest. Take away hip bag, which is in the locker on the right to expand the inventory.

When you're done with that, go up the stairs behind you, on the right side, to see another cutscene. Follow Sherry to the gate, then try to interact with the terminal on the right. After the video, go to the open door to the right. Walk down the corridor and pick up map from the stand on the right. You can't go to the back room, so go back to the parking lot. Approach the door on the left as you exit the hallway to enter the hallway that leads to the nursery and mortuary.

When you enter this dark area, turn right and follow the corridor. Lizun will hang on the wall. Keep moving forward, turn left and get to the nursery door. During Leon's playthrough, this place was filled with dogs, but this time it's full of Lickers. Prepare the grenade launcher, then open the door. Ahead will be Lizun, eating the corpse of a dog.

The best strategy in this area is to shoot Slimer with incendiary rounds, then finish him off with a submachine gun. A shot from a grenade launcher will alert another Slimer around the corner. When he joins the party, then shoot him with the same weapon, and then finish him off with any firearm. If you have flashbang grenades, now is the time to use them. They will allow you to stun the Slimers, as well as earn an achievement. After that, go through the nursery to the right and open the door.

Turn left and go through the door ahead. This is a morgue. While in the room, go to its left side and open the second refrigerator from left to right. Kill the zombie that falls off the gurney, then pick it up pink key. Because of this, another zombie will wake up, hiding in the refrigerator by the door. Head back through the kennel, but beware of Slimer, who will appear in the hallway. Kill him in the same way as the others and continue towards the shooting range.

Pink key.

Inside the shooting range on a table on the side stands yellow box. Take it, open it in inventory and get patrol car key. Walk forward through the shooting range to find a pink key door. Use the key recently found in the morgue on it to open the room and find film. If you show it, you can find a hint for the code from the locker. Here lies the blue grass. Go back to the parking lot and examine the patrol car key in your inventory. Press the button on its base to open the trunk of one of the cars.

Throw away the key, then interact with the trunk of the car, which has flashing headlights. Inside, you'll find a new pistol for Claire that fires regular ammo. On the other hand, the clip of the weapon holds 13 rounds. Now go back to the pink door you couldn't open before (in the room near the parking terminal) and use the pink key on it. Inside the office is grenade launcher upgrade and blue grass. There is also a chest for items. Leave everything you don't need. To progress through the story, pull the lever on the console and then interact with the elevator outside.

Chief's Office

The elevator will take you to a new area - the office of the chief of police. Throw unnecessary things into the chest on the left. You can go back to the parking lot if necessary. To progress through the story, enter the door to the right of the wolf, behind the portrait of a woman. Follow the corridor until you reach the collection room.

Interact with the electronic board on the left to change the main target. Now you will need to find two electronic parts for the electrical panel in order to open the rooms and pick up the magnetic card for the gate in the parking lot. It remains to return to the police station, which they just left, and explore other rooms.

Return to the precinct

After you make your way through the underground complex and the area with the kennel, Claire will need to get a magnetic card. The item is locked behind the gate, and in order to open it, you need to restore the electrical panel by finding two parts and solving the puzzle. In this part of the game you will visit a new part of the police station.

Door with electronic panel

The last time Claire and I stayed was in the collections room near the boss's office. After interacting with the door panel, turn around and follow the shelves past the scarecrow. Pick up the note to the right of the scarecrow to change the target. Then go to the right and take the picture in the frame from the bedside table (next to the stuffed owl). Examine the painting in inventory, turn it over and interact with the back to get heart shaped key.

Red key with a heart.

Return to the chief's office and open the door with the same heart symbol. Go down the stairs ahead, turn right and go around the zombies trying to break through the window. Turn left, follow down the corridor and open the door with the image of the heart. You will find yourself in an interrogation room. Go to the far side of the room. If during the first passage there was a box with stones, now you can find first portable safe. As soon as you take it, Lizun will break through the window from the observation room. Prepare the grenade launcher in advance. It is possible that the enemy will attack when you try to leave the interrogation room.

After dealing with Lizun, jump over the opening to the observation room. Inside it you will find gunpowder and a hint with a combination to the safe from the waiting room (we have already opened it). Open inventory, examine the portable safe and open it to get the first key. Return to the chief's office, interact with the chest and free the inventory. You will need pink and red keys, but don't need this key yet. Make sure there are at least three free slots. I recommend taking a silenced submachine gun with you, as you will have to kill a number of zombies and you can not attract their attention.

Go back to the stairs near the chief's office and go up one floor. Go through the landing and enter the east storage room. When you enter inside, then move forward. There will be blue grass on the bottom left. Behind it, turn left and take it from one of the boxes big gear. Go back to the door, but this time turn right from it. In front of you will be a door with a red heart symbol. A zombie will appear around the corner, so kill him with a submachine gun.

Move through the door with the heart and take the orange box from the table. Examine it in inventory, open it and get the first part of the electrical panel. Return to the stairs, go down to the chief's office and hide this part in the chest. Keep the big gear! Climb up the stairs again, but this time exit the corridor to the balcony. Once outside, go down the stairs on the left side. This will take you to the roof with a burning helicopter blocking the path to another part of the police station.

Go to the far side of the helicopter to find a metal ladder. Climb down it. Continue walking in the direction of the boiler room, which was opened by Leon. This time the boiler room will be filled with boards, and the zombies will not come out of it. Thus, Claire does not have access to the green key. However, here, on the left wall, you will find a familiar switch. Change its position to L, then go back to the roof and pull the lever to the right of the burning helicopter. This will put out the aircraft.

Go through the door to the left of the helicopter and follow the corridor. As in the case of Leon, the Tyrant will appear in the corridor, which will move the extinguished helicopter away. However, on your second playthrough, you've probably met him before. Run back to the roof. There are two ways to get away from the Tyrant. Either you climb back up the stairs to the balcony to hide in the chief's office, or you try to run around the enemy in the open. The second is hard to do if you play hardcore.

We performed the second action, so we were immediately able to go into the corridor, where the Tyrant removed the helicopter. It's near the waiting room. From here, run to the main hall, then move to the other wing to the library. Head through the library into the hallway with the unicorn statue, then open the door to find yourself in the hallway that leads to the STARS office.

Here, find the door to the laundry room. Open it with the pink key to find on top of the washing machine second portable safe. Now you can safely throw away the pink key. Open the portable safe in inventory to get second key. Return to the corridor and go right to the shower room on the second floor. Get out of it and go down the stairs. Enter the photo lab nearby.

Pull out the first key (in a row) from the chest so that you have two of them in your inventory. Go around the corner from the photo lab to the storage room. Be careful, as Slimer is here. After entering the storage room, place both keys on the dial opposite the door. You can now open crates #102, 103, 203 and 208.

203 is the most important locker of the list, because inside it is hidden hip bag. Leave the storage room, turn right and go through the door ahead. Use the heart-shaped key to open the door on the left side. pick up from a nearby table jack lever, then you can safely throw away the red key. Perhaps the previous encounter with Slimer had drawn the Tyrant's attention. Therefore, if you hear his steps, then stay in this room until he enters, and then use the shelves to run around him.

Locker №203 with a bag.

Your next destination is the library. Return to the corridor and through the western office go to the main hall. Climb the stairs in the main hall and from the second floor go to the west wing, to the library. There are some zombies here, so use the silenced submachine gun. Use the jack handle on the jack itself to lower one of the cabinets. Grab the leftmost cabinet and move it to the right. With this one cabinet, you can move three at once (to the farthest fourth). Thus, it is not necessary to pull each cabinet separately. After lining up the shelves, go upstairs and follow them to the door at the top of the library to be on the third floor of the main hall.

Turn right and follow the balcony. At the end of the path, two zombies are waiting for you. After dealing with them, open the door on the right. This is the clock tower. When you enter it, you will find the device on the right. Use a large gear on it to lower down the stairs in the back of the room. Climb up it, go to the very end and find another device. Interact with him to pick up small gear. Head back down the stairs and place the small gear into the device next to the steps.

Go back to the first unit and pull out of it big gear. Together with her, go up to the far device and install a large part inside it. The bell will go off and knock down the orange box. Go down and on the first floor of the clock tower pick up orange box. Examine it in inventory to get the second part of the electrical panel. Go to the third floor of the main hall, but instead of turning left, move to the far door to the east wing. Open it to access the east pantry.

Through the east pantry, you can run to the stairs and go down it to the chief's office. Go inside the office, take out the first part from the chest (according to the account) and install both elements from the orange boxes into the electrical panel. Your task is to rotate all the parts in the shield, connecting the inlets on the left with the outlet on the right. By doing this, you will open the door to the room and you can pick up from the hanger magnetic card. After the cut-scene, you will be in a new location.

Solving the shield puzzle.

Playing Sherry

As Sherry, take the creepy doll from the chair, inspect it and pull it out of the back block. Then go to the corner of the room to other cubes with geometric shapes. Apply the found cube on them, after which you will need to line them up so that the desired patterns form on top and on the side. Focus first on matching the pieces on the first die. Keep doing this as you move to the right. The principle of the puzzle is not as complicated as the solution itself. Please note that you need to select the cubes so that both the top and the side have solid figures.

The most important thing is that you can not only rotate the cubes, but also swap them. If the first cube cannot be rotated so that the pattern coincides with the leftmost part of the box, then in this case, replace it with another block. After solving the puzzle, you will open the box and get scissors.

Sherry solves the dice puzzle.

Use them on the piece of cardboard on the right wall to leave the room. Turn right, go to the end of the corridor, then go left. Pull out the drawers from the tall cabinet to form a staircase. On it, Sherry will be able to go upstairs to leave the room. Crouch and move through the window. Head through the room to the door on the right, crouching to make your way through the toy archway.

Go through this door to get out into the main hall of the orphanage. Go down the stairs and try to open the front door. Then turn around and go through the door on the left. Go down the corridor, then go through the door at the end. If you want to save, then use the typewriter at the end. Then turn left to look around the room. Go around the table with the dead woman, then try to remove the key from the wall. You have to climb up to get to it. After the cut-scene, run in the opposite direction, go up the stairs and enter the room with the toy arch.

First, hide behind the white box located just behind the toy arch. The boss will enter the room, after which he will lock the door behind him. He will start looking for Sherry, so you must hide. When the chief goes to where the girl is, slowly move around the white box, avoiding the light from the lantern. As soon as he passes by and moves the crib, after a couple of seconds he will go in the opposite direction. When the chef walks past Sherry, then crouch and move along the new path to get to another part of the room. Hide there until he passes further.

When he is looking at the crates on the other side, move further across the room to be parallel to the door on the other side. Stay where you are. After the cut-scene, go to the bathroom door and take the key out of it. Run out of the room, use the key on the door, go down the stairs to the front door. She is chained, so you have to run to the chief's room, where you tried to get the key.

The path to the orphanage

After a gloomy video, you will again control Claire. Return to the chief's office and take the elevator down to the parking lot. Gather the best weapons and medical supplies. Use the magnetic card on the terminal at the parking gate to open it. The Tyrant will appear. It is not necessary to kill him. You must wait for the gate to open and then run outside. Move up from the parking lot and turn right. Follow the dead end on the right side and wait for two zombies to break through the gate on the side.

Shoot or run past them, avoiding the Tyrant, and go through the open gate. Run up the alleyway, shoot the zombies from below and climb over the dumpster. Dogs will appear on the other side. Shoot them early so you don't have to deal with them later. As soon as you pass through the gate, another dog will appear. Kill or walk back through the gate to shoot from a safe distance.

Follow the cars and go through the gate to the basketball court. Shoot two more dogs behind bars and exit through the gate. Go forward, to the right and go through the destroyed bus. Inside it will be another enemy. Having got out to the other side, kill the dog and run to the gate of the orphanage on the right. Go through the front door, then open the door on the left.

The main gate of the orphanage.

Move along the corridor until the cut-scene starts. Then run through the door on the right into the front room. Go to the chef's workshop and find a hatch. Climb down and move further up the stairs nearby. Below you will find Sherry. Run up to her. The Tyrant will appear behind you. Run away from him until you reach the elevator, near which a new cut-scene will start. When you regain control, you will find yourself in the sewers, which are discussed below.


After an encounter with the mutants, Claire wakes up in the sewers below Raccoon City. Sherry is not around, but despite her mother Annette's protests, the girl will have to make sure that everything is all right with the little girl. Turn around and grab the submachine gun ammo, then go through the only door. Save in the office, collect supplies and try to open another door. She's blocked.

Return to the large room you woke up in and jump down at the broken fence (on the east wall). Follow the circle around the corridor, then jump off the ledge at the end. Turn right, pick up the blue herb on your left hand before moving downstream. Go through the right tunnel and up the ledge on the left. Move along the corridor, climb the stairs and open the door that leads to the room with the funicular. Climb up the ladder on the left, then use the other one.

Go to the control room and deal with three zombies. Pick up the supplies located in the room. The code for the lock on the locker is SZF. After taking everything, jump through the hole in the corner of the room. A cut-scene will start. When control is restored, you will enter the monitor room, which is the main center of the sewer.


On the other side of the main door, in the monitor room, there is a door with an electronic lock, which is closed with many plugs. The company that designed the sewer closed the door with a chess set with plugs. Pick up the note from the table to change the main objective of the quest. Leave the chess pieces that are already in the boards in place (bishop, pawn and knight). Leave the room through the door on the east side. You can pick up in advance sewer map from the wall near the door. Be sure to pick up two blue herbs, take normal and stun grenades.

On the other side of the door, pull the lever to lower the bridge over the purification basin. Follow it, turn right and at the end of the path you will find zombies and a safe on the table. After killing the zombies, open the safe by turning the dial two times to the left, twelve to the right and eight to the left. Hidden inside improvement for SLS 60. Either combine it with the gun, or return to the monitor room and hide it in the chest. Now move to the other side of the large hall with the treatment pool, closer to the funicular. Near him, next to the computer, look for T-arm.

Then go through the exit door (the inscription EXIT at the top) next to the already open safe, go down the stairs and kill the first zombie. Then turn left and run down another set of steps leading to a locked door. Use the T-valve to open it (not on the door, but on the pipe on the left), go further and follow the bridge to the other side. Remove from the wall sewer key and get ready for a tough test. Go down the ladder on the side into the lower channel. Move with the flow, get to the land, and then jump even lower.

Sewer key.

If you want to save ammo, you don't have to try to kill all the monsters. However, it is not so easy to get past the underwater mutants, but it is possible. Walk forward until the first monster appears. Go around it on the left. It is this enemy that will most likely be able to catch you, but you can fight him off by equipping a grenade. After overcoming the first enemy, continue to run forward, clinging to the right wall. You can pretty easily bypass the second monster that is moving towards you from the left. Keep moving close to the left wall to avoid the third enemy.

There will be a zombie on your way, so kill him with a submachine gun. Once on the other side, get out on land and go through the door. Climb the stairs to be in the pantry. Climb down, turn left and go through the open door. To your left is a shield with queen. Take the figure and go through the only passage. To your left is another shield. Place inside the queen.

Go through the opened door and up the stairs to your right. A zombie will fall off the railing, so you can kill him in advance. At the top of the stairs you will find another shield with king. Pull out the chess piece and jump down through the place where the fence is broken. Turn around immediately and finish off the zombies if you haven't done so already. Go through the open door again with the help of the queen and place the king figurine in the shield on the left hand, next to the stairs. You will open the room in which the stand hangs electric gun.

Open the bolt on the door on the left, go back, picking up the king and queen along the way. Return the queen figurine to the shield where you found it originally. After opening the door, go to the stairs and install the king in the door opposite the steps. Exit through it, go around and pull out the queen. Go back through the door opposite the stairs and pick up the king. Having received king and queen, exit the pantry. Run through the lower channel in the opposite direction, but this time lean against the left wall.

Climb higher, jump down on the other side of the land and face a new underwater monster. Fight him off with a grenade or a knife. While he is stunned, run past. Climb up the stairs and thank fate for not having to come back here. After climbing up, turn right and go back over the bridge. Climb up the steps and deal with the zombies on the left. Instead of moving even higher, go straight and find the lever a little to the left on the wall. Click on it to open the gateway in the tunnel.

After opening the grate in the sewer, jump down and go through the tunnel to the right. After killing the monster or bypassing it, climb onto the platform on the right, where the locked door is located. Open it with the T-shaped lever. On the other side, find the elevator and take it up. You will find yourself in a workshop. Kill the zombie lying on the floor, then pick it up from the table hip bag. On the right side is the "Cashes" tape, which we talked about in more detail in a separate guide (look for it in the "Tips and Tactics" section).


To progress further, open the door ahead, then take out the piece rooks from the shield on the left. Deal with the zombies and go right to a set of stairs. Roll up and follow them down. Climb into the water and turn left. Walk forward to be attacked by another monster. Use a grenade launcher or a submachine gun. Keep going straight until you see a door with another pipe on the left side. Use the T-shaped lever on it.

Also don't forget to open the door to the worker's break room (next to the shield where the rook was) to move the closet inside and find a shortcut to the police station. If you haven't done anything before, then this is your chance. In addition, you can climb the stairs to the secret room and use the T-lever one last time (open the door under the statue of the goddess). Then throw it away.

Head back, back across the bridge and up the first ladder. Turn right, go across the bridge and find yourself in the monitor room. Make sure you have six free inventory slots. You have collected the king, queen and rook, and you can also pull out the knight, bishop and pawn from the shields. On the wall closest to the locked door, from left to right, place the pieces in the following order: queen, bishop, and king. On the wall opposite, looking at it, from left to right, place a knight, a rook and a pawn.

Saving Sherry

Before you leave, take medicines, weapons and grenades from the chest. Go through the door and go down the stairs. Turn left and pull the lever on the side of the incinerator. The power is off, so turn around and enter the room opposite. Inside it, on the far wall, find a panel with four switches. Pull down the three switches on the right to restore power, go to the door and Birkin will appear.

Keep moving around the room while the enemy tries to get you with his huge paw, breaking through the ceiling with it. After a few misses, the monster will break the door. Walk around it and run away. Follow the only path and eventually jump down to a small platform. Run to the back and press the console button.

Crane control console.

Now you will need to stun William Birkin in order to subsequently activate the crane and knock the boss down with the container. As soon as you pressed the button to remove the container, then stand where it was. Lure Birkin to you, shoot him in the head and wait for him to fall to his knee. Return to the console and activate it to start the crane with the container. If suddenly Birkin gets to his feet, then equip a grenade and throw it at him. Repeat the procedure twice so that the enemy falls down. When done, go left and open the door. Climb the stairs, pull the power lever that didn't work before.

A cutscene with Sherry will play. When control is transferred to you, then transfer Sherry to the monitor room along the stairs. Go through the room with the treatment pool to the funicular. Keep in mind that this is the point of no return. If you want to go back to the sewers or the police station, then do it right now after you put Sherry in the funicular. And when you're ready, pull the switch inside the funicular. After the cut-scene, you will be taken to the laboratory, which is described below.


Poor Sherry can't come to her senses. Her parents implanted the girl with the G-virus, but Annette changes her mind and asks Claire to take Sherry to the laboratory where the virus vaccine is located.

Beginning of the laboratory

After leaving the funicular, carry Sherry forward and to the right, passing through the front door of the NEST laboratory. Once inside, enter the room on the left, where Claire will put Sherry on a bunk. This is a safe room. While Sherry is resting, go to the back of the room and take from the table laboratory map. Return to the corridor, to the left of the reception desk with the Umbrella logo is a small office with a typewriter and a chest.

Deal with the inventory, take the desired weapons and ammo, and then go northwest towards the dining room. Follow the spooky corridor and turn left, then right. You need to go through the first door on the right to find yourself in an unlit dining room. Get ready to face a number of zombies. Kill enemies by moving left and right. As soon as you deal with the opponents, find the stairs at the far end of the dining room and go upstairs. Through the technical floor you will reach the kitchen. Go through the only door, turn right and at the end of the corridor look into the rest room.

Inside it there is a locker in which cartridges for an electric gun lie. Take the killed employee on the right from your hand electronic chip, then combine it with an ID bracelet to enhance the latter. Go back to the first hallway where Sherry stayed, then go through the door on the south side to get to the main shaft. Pick up a voice recorder with a soldier's records to change the main target.

Electronic chip on hand.

Then pick up the signal modulator lying nearby. Turn around and run back to the break room. Examine the signal modulator in inventory and switch it to the OSS channel. Then rotate the toggle switches to match both waves. Use it on the panel in the break room to restore power. This will release the zombies from the sleeping compartment on the side. Kill him, and then pull out the last one from the next compartment. hip bag. Return to the main shaft and activate the bridge using the panel on the side.

Cross the bridge and activate the other bridge on the blue terminal to get to the east lab. Go there, through the corridor and find yourself in the lobby. There is a typewriter and various supplies with a chest. When you're done, go through the door next to the Umbrella logo to enter the meeting room. Your main goal will change. Turn around and open the far door. This will take you to a corridor covered with greenery with new enemies. To kill them, you need to destroy all the yellow bubbles on the body of the monsters. In case of death, the enemy lights up.

At the end of the corridor you will find the greenhouse control room. Interact with the console at the viewing window to get atomizer cartridge. Then go to the console on the right side and enter the following codes:

First code.
Second code.

They allow you to open the way to the testing laboratories. Exit to the greenhouse and turn left. Walk left again to reach the testing lab through the door. Pick up the note next to the device to the left of the door to change the target.

Herbicide Puzzle

Go to the console in the corner of the room. Use the spray cartridge on it, then move the test tubes so as to fill the largest of them to the red mark. To do this, completely fill the medium test tube, and the small one - only two parts. Then move the test tubes and fill the small one. The average will be almost full. Move the large test tube and empty the liquid from the small one into it. Pour the liquid from the middle one into the empty small test tube. Only one part of the liquid will remain in the middle tube.

Intermediate result.

Pour the liquid from the small vial into the large one and the puzzle will be solved. Take the filled cartridge with you and return to the greenhouse. In the far left corner of the greenhouse (from the entrance) there is a hatch. Head there, killing the enemies, and go downstairs. Go right after the descent and at the end, on the table, look for east lab map. Return to the stairs and go past it to the other side to go through the door to the waiting room.

There will be a lot of zombies here, so the best way to deal with them is to throw a stun grenade in the middle. Examine the signal modulator in your inventory, tune in to the URF channel and combine both waves. Then apply the modulator to the console in the corner to restore power. Now turn around and go along the narrow corridor, where on the left is the door to the low-temperature testing laboratory. When you get closer to her, you will be attacked by two Slimers. Use the grenade launcher to deal with them. You can shoot once from a grenade launcher at each, and then finish off with a firearm.

Enter the low-temperature laboratory and go left. Looking in the freezer, find a table where you can use the solution cartridge to cool the liquid and get herbicide. Head back to the greenhouse control room, then plant the herbicide cartridge in the same console by the viewing window. Wait while the spraying is in progress, enter the greenhouse and on the right side look for a corpse with electronic chip. Pick it up, then combine it with an ID bracelet in inventory to gain access to a senior employee.

Turn around and run back through the control room, meeting room and lobby back to the main shaft. Use the ID bracelet on the terminal on the side to create a bridge to the western lab. Cross the bridge, enter the room with the broken door and examine the signal modulator in your inventory. Tune it to an AWS channel, then match the two waves. Use the modulator on the side of the console to restore power. Enter the bioreactor room through the cleaning chamber on the left. Run across the bridge and enter the far laboratory. Turn left and interact with the camera where the G-virus was found for Leon. A cutscene will play and you will receive a medallion containing an antidote for Sherry.


Watch the video on the way back. When you return control, you will fight with the boss. To defeat the enemy, shoot at the eyes on the knee, shoulder and back. When you do this, a lot of other eyes will appear on the chest, which you must attack. The eye on the monster's back is the hardest to hit. Wait until Birkin tries to grab something, then attack from behind. When you deal with the boss, then find the elevator nearby and go upstairs. Return to the main shaft and go to the security room where Sherry was left.

Another battle with Birkin.

After the cutscene in inventory, combine the electronic chip with the ID bracelet, then run with Sherry to the elevator in the main shaft. After going downstairs, go through different rooms, turn left and go down the stairs, then use the door on the left hand. Once you pass through it, run to the small lift and go down. Go forward past the enemies with vegetation. Stick to the only route and open the door at the end. Go down the stairs on the left, then go through the door on the right.

The door is locked, so Sherry climb through the hole on the left to open it. Delay the monsters while she does this and run on. Follow the exploding equipment, through the door and shoot the burning zombie on the bridge. Keep moving along it, go through the door to the train platform. Use the chest on the left to clear four inventory slots for yourself.

Run to the other side of the train, enter the side room and collect minigun. Get inside the train, pick up the power element from the floor, and after the cut-scene, return to the room. Insert the item into the console slot to start the video. So the next battle with Birkin will begin.

Equip your minigun and shoot at the eyes on the monster's chest. Eventually, he will climb the walls. Stop shooting and wait for the enemy to jump down. Keep attacking the eyes until the enemy is defeated. Falling to his knees, Birkin will crawl after you. You must run back and shoot at the same eyes. After a long cutscene, you will be driving Claire on the train. Go to the very last car to find a huge mutated Birkin.

The last boss.

Keep shooting at him with everything you have in your arsenal. Eventually, you will see a huge eye. Attack him until the final cutscene plays, showing you the true ending of the game. The Fourth Survivor mode is also unlocked.

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