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Walkthrough Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven 100%

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  • Release dateAugust 27, 2002
  • DeveloperIllusion Softworks
  • Publisher / Publisher in Russia Take-Two Interactive / 1C
  • Sitewww.mafia-game.com

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven - a cult third-person action game with elements of a car simulator. A game about the Sicilian mafia, spreading its tentacles throughout the fictional city of Lost Haven. The events of the game cover the 30s of the last century. The narration is conducted from the first person, the main character pours out his soul to the detective during their meeting in 1938. It is with the hands of taxi driver Tommy Angelo that the game will be played, who accidentally falls into a criminal pool, joining one of the mafia clans operating in the city. 

In addition to completing story missions, you can explore a large open world that contains some bonuses. Also, gamers can earn by participating in racing races.

System Requirements

Minimum requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Processor: Pentium 3 @ 500 MHz 96 Mb RAM
  • Video Card: Any with 32 Mb of memory
  • RAM (GB): 1.0
  • Free space on HDD (GB): 1.8

Recommended Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Processor: Pentium 3 @ 700 MHz
  • Video Card: Any with 64 Mb of memory
  • RAM (GB): 1.0
  • Free space on HDD (GB): 1.8

Walkthrough Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven


The history of the Mafia game begins in 1930. The scene is the fictional American city of Lost Heaven. The plot is presented on behalf of the protagonist, in the form of his story to detective Norman. Thomas Angelo (Thomas Angelo) - in the past, an ordinary taxi driver, who unexpectedly began his career as a mafia, became disillusioned with the life of a criminal and decided to tell the detective about the Salieri criminal "family", for which he had worked for several years.

The Salieri clan is one of the two largest mafia associations that dominate the city; their competitors are the family of Don Morello, a cruel and unprincipled man who, at first glance, is completely different from the intellectual and refined Don Salieri.

1. An Offer You Can't Refuse

The main task: break away from the pursuers.

After the introductory cutscenes, Thomas Angelo will find himself in his taxi along with two gangsters. Do not let the car of the pursuers drive up to your car from the left side (that is, from the driver's side) - there is a high probability that you will be killed.

The pursuers' car is more powerful than Tommy's taxi, so the main weapon lies not in the hands of Sam and Paulie, but in your reflexes. Powder the brains of the hounds, wag the back of a taxi, do not be afraid to drive into dark passage yards. Frame your pursuers by making them crash into oncoming cars and keep a close eye on Sam and Paulie's health indicators - as soon as one of them dies, you will lose. In principle, it is quite easy to get away from the chase.

2. The Running Man

The main task: to separate the passengers, break away from the pursuers.

This mission serves to introduce the player to the city of Lost Heaven. We have five passengers in our taxi. Set a speed limiter and try not to hit anyone or break the rules at all.

After you take the last passenger, you will be attacked by two gangsters, and you have to flee to Salieri's bar. Run without distraction. Just follow the compass and the green translucent arrows pointing to the passage yards.

3. Party with cocktails / Molotov Party

Primary Objective: Damage Morello's vehicles.

You have to complete the first task from Don Salieri. Run to Vincenzo and Ralph and go to Morello's bar.

There are two ways to get into the garage to Morello, but we will choose a quiet way: drive through the small lane from behind, open the small door, approach the guard from behind and hit with a bat. After entering, you need to blow up two cars with the two Molotov cocktail bottles you have, and break the third with a bat.

Optional: after a successfully completed mission, you can survey a small wooden house for a Falconer and go to Salieri on it.

4. Dustless work / Ordinary Routine

Main task: Collect "tribute".

First we have to go to the bank, then to the restaurant. There will be no problems with them: just drive up to them and get out of the car. Paulie and Sam will do the rest.

Then we go to a motel outside the city. After the cutscene, SHOOTING THE WHEELS OF THE YELLOW CAR, then go around the house on the left, kill the doggie and climb the boxes to the second floor. Come in the door. There will be another door right in front of you. Enter the room and grab the tommy gun. Sit in this room and one by one click everyone who will break here. There is a first aid kit on the wall in the next room.

Go down the stairs, shoot everyone in the big room, and then the guy in the white T-shirt. Enter the room where the wounded Sam lies, and after the cutscene, get ready for a new fight - one on one.

Now you need to catch up with the man who stole the money. Jump into the car and follow him - in pursuit. With the wheels shot through, his car will not be as fast, so there will be no problems: just press him to the side of the road and kill him.

5. Fairplay

Main task: drive the racing car to Luca Bertone and back, win the race.

First you need to steal the latest racing car, take it to Luca Bertone and return it back. Drive out of town. At the barrier, stop and run to the gatehouse. Talk to the watchman and drive with him further to the garages. Grab your racing car and drive back to the city. You must get to Luka within a strictly defined time and at the same time not damage the car.
When you get to Luka, hand over the car to him and get it back in a moment. Now you have to make your way back. Now you must win the race. Five laps on a winding track and you should be FIRST. This can be done in the only way: by breaking ahead at the start and not making a single mistake on the track.

Optional: after the race, go to Luca and steal the yellow car.

6 Sarah

Main task: to guide Luigi's daughter Sarah to her house.

Luigi asked you to walk Sarah home. Put on brass knuckles and go see the girl off. Along the way, you will meet two groups of hooligans of three people each. Beat them with brass knuckles with all the dope, pick up thrown weapons. After the successful completion of the trip, watch a very nice video (children under 16 should be kept away from monitors).

7. Better Get Used To It

Main task: to deal with hooligans.

The next day, Don Salieri ordered to restore order in HIS area. Arm yourself at Vincenzo, take the car from Ralph and drive to Chinatown to Big Biff. Talk to him and go to the old car repair shops.

Keep an eye on Pauly: five thugs armed with clubs and crowbars will attack him and you at once. After dealing with everyone in this part of the workshops, run up the stairs, then go down and DO NOT FIRE until they start shooting at you. Now you can open fire, put everyone down and watch the video.
After the video, get into the car and catch up with the two runaway scumbags. The most important thing is not to lose their car. They crash on their own. You will only have to click them.

8. Putana and the Priest / The Whore & The Priest

Main task: kill the manager of the hotel Carleone.

The alignment is as follows: one of the scumbags in the car survived - he must be killed; the owner of the Corleone Hotel stopped paying tribute to Salieri and went over to the side of Morello - he must be killed; a whore from the Corleone Hotel (which is a high-class brothel) sells Morello information about the Salieri clan - she must be killed.

Arm yourself, pick up the car and go to the Corleone Hotel. Don't get your weapons yet. Rise to the third floor. To the right around the corner is the prostitute's room. Let's watch the video.

Get down to the first floor and go past the administrator to the restaurant. In the farthest hall, first close the door, and then kill the man in the black suit first, and then the man in white. Deal with the run-in guards.

Go behind the reception desk and take the key to the manager's room from the board. Climb to the very top, shooting back from the guards. Enter the manager's room and shoot the little man who is hiding on the right side of the table. Take documents from the table and after the video, quickly leave the room.

Make your way along the roofs straight and straight, shooting back from the police - there are a lot of them here. Remember that you can climb small elevations. You must reach the wooden deck. Climb onto it, and then, once you are in the bell tower with the help of a ladder, go down.

Here you will find a glorious shootout. Hide behind the coffin and shoot the bandits one by one. Pay attention to the man with the tommy gun on the kliros (such a small round area on the right, to which a spiral staircase leads).

Having dealt with the funeral procession, exit the church, get into the hearse and run away from the police.

9. A Trip To The Country

The main task: to find out what happened to the Salieri guys.

Don Salieri ordered a truck with smuggled Canadian whiskey to be delivered from a country farm.

Arriving at the farm, go to the farthest end of it, where you will find a truck with a dead driver. Open the door and get ready for battle. After killing the gangsters, make your way back to Poli. Having already repelled another attack with him, start exploring each building of the farm. Morellian fosterlings are hiding everywhere. Be careful. Ultimately, Paulie discovers a tool that can be used to open the barn where Sam was put.

Open the barn door and immediately meet a cheerful company with pump-action shotguns and one tommy gun. Sam is at the very top. Go there, slowly and carefully.

After finding Sam, Paulie will go for help, and you have to repel the attack of the police, bribed by Morello. Beware: AI can pass you from behind. After the shootout, Paulie will take Sam to the truck, and Tommy will see two cars chasing them.

Now you have an excellent opportunity to shoot at a moving target from a moving truck. Tommy-gun in hand - and forward. Hit the drivers - you won't lose! After returning to Salieri's warehouse, you can either immediately go to the base, or first call on Luka, complete his small task and steal a new car.

10. Omerta / Omerta

Main task: get account books, kill Frank.

Frank broke the main mafia law - the code of silence, Omertu. He is ready to hand over Salieri's ledgers to the police. And now, according to Omerta, Tommy must kill Frank, but first find out where the books are.

First visit Big Biff, then Little Tony on Central Island, and from Little Tony go to ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Joe under the New Ark bridge. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and Joe is easy to identify among the homeless by his bald head. After talking to him several times, give him a good fist on the top of his bald head, and he will tell you where the police are keeping Frank under guard.

By the way, before you go on a mission, make sure you take a good fast car. The Bolt V8 Roadster is highly recommended.

Drive to Oakwood to the house where Frank is being held and after the cutscene, follow his car to the airport.

Finding yourself at the airport and entering the terminal, you will immediately encounter a group of armed special agents. Send them to the expense, exit the terminal and run to the right past the hangars to the flight school (Air School). And then the special agents will not give you rest. Carry out a sweep, being careful not to shoot Frank. When there are only corpses around, talk to Frank. He will ask you to find his family. Frank's wife and daughter in the flight school building. Talk to them and then bring Frank to them. Now it remains only to get plane tickets to Europe. They are on the counter in the terminal building. Give tickets to Frank and return to Salieri. Just keep in mind: at the exit from the terminal, five policemen are already waiting for you.

On the way to Salieri, you can visit Luca again.

11 Visiting Rich People

The main task: to find evidence against Salieri.

Now you have to pick up evidence against Salieri from the prosecutor's safe at his villa in Oak Hills.

On the way to the villa, grab the famous bear cub Salvatore near the stadium in Hoboken'e. Arriving at the villa, find a small, almost invisible gate and order Salvatore to open it.

Enter the park and immediately hide behind the right statue. Order Salvatore to stay where you are, and pick up the bat yourself. As soon as a guard walks past you, slap him as hard as you can on the kumpol with your baton. Take the weapons and keys. Head right to the gazebo. There is another guard there. We perform a proven technique - a bat on the skull. At the stairs leading to the balustrade, calm another guardsman. The most important thing here is not to make a fuss, otherwise all the guards will come running.

Having taken Salvatore with you, go into the house. Also caress the appeared maid with a bat and go upstairs. Find an office with a safe and don't forget to pick up the papers after the cutscene.

Get down. Leave Salvatore at the stairs, and you yourself go into the dining room with a bat in your hand. Calm down the guards and, after capturing Salvatore, get out of the park and out of the Oak Hills in general.

Although, if you wish, you can try to leave this hospitable house on the master's car.
Drop Salvatore home and go to Salieri.

12. Deal of the century / Great Deal

Main task: to make a deal.

After failing with Canadian whiskey, Salieri was very upset. But then Paulie turned up someone William Gates from Kentucky, who offered a batch of whiskey at a very good price. Fortunately, you just need to go to a multi-storey garage, pay and pick up the goods.

Having approached the garage, climb to the third floor. At the back of the garage you will see a bunch of guys waiting for you. Do not go there yet, but from the cars standing in the garage, make a barricade at the exit to the next floor.

Now you can approach your colleagues and change money for goods. In the midst of the deal, the Morello guys will appear, and a serious fight will flare up. That's why a barricade of cars was needed. Firstly, they won’t break through here right away, and secondly, sooner or later either you or they will blow up one of the machines, and others will detonate after it. The enemy troops lost a good half (if not two-thirds) of their soldiers. Sweep the lower floors, and then go upstairs again, get into the truck and leave the garage.
Once on the street, get out of the car and shoot six guys and two cars, comfortably located to the right of the garage. Now you can safely go to Salieri's warehouse. Just beware of the police - your truck will not get away from police cars.

13. Bon appetit! / Bon Apetite!

Main task: take Salieri to the restaurant.

Despite the fact that the description of this mission will take up very little space, you will most likely spend not an hour or two on its passage.

You have to protect Don Salieri from Morello's thugs. After the outlaws throw a grenade at the restaurant, hiding under the tables, try to shoot as many bad guys as possible. Constantly look at the health of the Boss and at the back door - uninvited guests can also fall down from there.

The whole difficulty is that you are very limited in ammunition, and the attackers are very well armed. But as soon as you get something long-barreled, the problem can be considered solved.

Exit through the back door. And shoot everyone who has not yet had time. One bandit sat down on the second floor, another one in the courtyard for barrels, the rest hang out at the front door.

Having dealt with the morellata, seat Salieri in the car and drive to Little Italy to Carlo's house.

After taking off after the chief to Carlo's apartment, knock down the door and climb out onto the fire escape. Carlo hangs out downstairs with a gun drawn, along with some guys with clubs and guns. Needless to say what to do.

14. Happy birthday! / Happy Birthday!

Main task: kill the adviser.

War is war! Now Salieri's patience was exhausted, and he decided to take Morello seriously. They decided to start with the mayor's adviser, who is celebrating his birthday on the ship today.

Drive across the map to the pier and try to get on the ship. The security will not let you in - there is no pass! Enter the house opposite the pier, go downstairs and change into a sailor's uniform.

Once on the ship, first of all stand facing the stern and go along the starboard side to the stop. The emphasis will be the door to the service toilet. Open the door, take the bucket and, with the bucket at the ready, go to the middle deck. Having wandered a little along it at the very stern, on the left you will find a locked door with the inscription “Skipper has the key”. Look for the skipper (he is the only one hanging around the ship in a vest) and, angrily shaking the bucket, take the key from him.

Open the door and take the gun from the locker. Now it remains only to shoot the adviser and, taking advantage of the turmoil, escape from the ship, which Poly drove in advance.

15. The bastard is lucky! / You Lucky Bastard!

Primary Objective: Kill Sergio Morello.

Sergio Morello Jr. should fall next by your hand. Lucky Bastard! Now you will see that this nickname is the best fit for him.

Go to the Italian Garden restaurant, go to the phone booth, call and ... urgently run away to the bar to Salieri, scoring the pursuers along the way.

Attempt two. Drive up to the house of the youngest Morello's mistress, wait until the guard at the door enters the house, run up to the car and quickly mine it. Run back to a safe distance and follow the development of events.

Attempt three. Now we are going to the Rainbow Garden restaurant. Closet-shaped youths hang out at the entrance, and Sergio with them. As luck would have it, Paulie's machine gun jammed, which means Tommy will take the rap. Throw a grenade at the bandit's car. Everything is easier! The rest are easy to get. Sergio is gone...

Attempt four. Last. Because I'm tired. After the cutscene, follow Sergio's car. Falling behind is strictly prohibited! He will bring you to the port. In the port, run straight all the time, lazily shooting back from the defenders of the honor of the Morello family. Some bandits sat on the cranes - do not lose sight of them.

Having reached the warehouse, at the entrance to which the car of Morello Jr. is standing, make sure that the railway track leads from the warehouse to two tanks standing at a dead end. If necessary, move the arrows. When everything is ready, pull out the block from under the first tank. When she hits the warehouse door, all you have to do is run up to her and set her on fire. Bang bang!

The doors were gone. You can run inside and kill six heavily armed gangsters, and with them the younger Morello.

When you're done with this, run out into the wild and head to your car, shooting back at the civilian police agents who finally deigned to get here. Returning to Salieri, you can visit Luca again.

16 Cream of Society / Creme De La Creme

Main task: kill Morello.

After the youngest, it was the turn of the oldest. Drive up to the theater and try to pinch Morello's limousine here. If all else fails, rush after him and try to deal with him on the way to the airport. If nothing worked out here either and Morello turned into the airport, turn after him, leave the suddenly stalled car and run to the hangar, ignoring the two kingpins. Shoot the engines of the plane taxiing to take off. Keep shooting and run after the plane on the taxiway. On the way, Paulie and Sam will pick you up, and now, in a car with a tommy gun at the ready, continue to chase and shoot the plane. Shoot both engines. Having brought the plane's life bar to zero, you can be calm - Morello is no longer a tenant.

But it may happen that Morello does not turn to the airport, but goes further. Chase him, keeping up, and at the destroyed bridge, just push his car down.

Before reporting to Salieri about the successful completion of the task, you can visit Luca again.

17. Election Campaign

Main task: kill the politician.

We will eliminate the objectionable Salieri politician. Stock up on Vincenzo with a sniper and drive to the old prison with a breeze. Having parked the car at the prison, go around it on the left side and kill the worker at the sewer hatch. Hide the body in the hatch. And go there yourself.

Get out on another ladder. Here you are inside the prison. Now we need to pave the way to the very top. There are a lot of enemies here, but they are not so hot as armed. Be that as it may, do not get the sniper yet - make do with what you have picked up from the bodies.

A wooden staircase inside the prison building leads from the first to the second floor, and a staircase on the outer balustrade leads from the second to the third. A spiral staircase inside the prison building again leads to the tower.

Come out to the balcony. Focus on a small island. Take out your sniper rifle and switch to sniper mode. You need that person on the island who makes a speech from the podium. It must be laid down with ONE shot. Otherwise, explanations with the police cannot be avoided.

Having dealt with the politician, exit the prison building through the door that leads to the patio with dogs. Kill the dogs and shoot the lock on the gate.

You can try to drop all your weapons right here (in case the cops search). Get outside. And if everything is in order, with a song on your lips and a breeze in your left ear, go to the Don. However, Luka is again not averse to helping you in any way he can.

18. Purely for relaxation / Just For Relaxation

The main task: to get the cargo in the port.

Boss wanted to relax! Good cigars to smoke! We will indulge…

Drop off Sam where the cross is on the map and on the radar, and go with Paulie to the port. Do not enter the territory, but wait until the truck leaves the gate. Follow him. When the truck enters the warehouse, drive further, turn the corner and barricade the road with your own car. Having unloaded in the warehouse, the truck will go this way and immediately fall into a trap. Throw the driver out of the cab, take his papers and climb into the cab of the truck. Now they will let you into the port.

Having approached the far left warehouse (there is still a man standing in the doorway), drive the truck with the rear side close to the doors and get out of the cab. Immediately the man will climb for a pistol. Here you are, without letting anyone come to their senses, defend your honor and dignity.

Once you've cleared the area of ​​security, start loading boxes of cigars into the truck. Having loaded all 12, get into the cabin and go straight to the nook where Sam was dropped off just now. In this very nook, meet Sam and Paulie and show Kuz'kin's mother to your pursuers. There are not many of them - six people in two cars. Protect your truck from shocks!!!

After completing the dismantling with a score of 0:6, go to the Master's warehouse.

And the Boss decided to cheat! Instead of cigars, there are diamonds in boxes... So, we will take a bank. Without him!

19. Small hack / Moonlighting

Main task: to rob a bank.

Ride the Skytrain with Pauly for a few stops and get off at Downtown. Go to the bank and listen to Paulie's plan. While he tells you - look around. Remember where the desk with clerks is. Then there will be no time to look for her.

After going to the bank, Poli will leave you, and you alone, without a car, will have to collect weapons and get wheels.

Go to Hoboken, run around the Twister cinema from the right side, knock on the door and get the following set of products from the arms dealer Yellow Pete: Colt 1911, Colt Detective Special, S&W Magnum, S&W M&P, Thompson 1928. However, this set may be completely different - it all depends on your taste.

Now either steal a car, or ride an elevated train, or grab a car, but in any case, drive to Luca. He will give you the task to take the package to Big Dick. Go to destination. After you give the package, lay down the three idiots and return to Luka. He will give you a tip on a chic car. Personally, I did not manage to catch her in the indicated place, I had to travel around the city, and then arrange an ugly brawl with her former owner right in the middle of a busy intersection (fortunately the police were not around). Maybe you'll have better luck.

On the newly acquired wheelbarrow, drive to Paul's house and emit sound signals right under its windows.

Your path again lies in the bank. Going inside, without delay, put the police (while she is crazy), go behind the counter of clerks and take the keys to the depository. Rise to the floor above, casually shooting to the right and left, go into the director's office and, after talking with him, grab the keys to the safe from the board.

Now, in full combat readiness, you can go down to the depository and go to the safe.

After the safe is taken, take Poli and make your feet.

20. Decadence / The Death Of Art

Main objective: Meet Sam at the museum and kill him.

There's not even anything to say here. With EMPTY HANDS, quickly get out of Paulie's apartment and, ignoring the two policemen, sneak past them into the street. Steal any car and rush to Yellow Pete to stock up. Take the same kit as before, but instead of the tommy gun, take the US Rifle M 1903 Springfield.

Go to the art gallery and shoot everyone there. Open all the doors that open and shoot everyone there. Sam is the last to fall. And after that, you will have to watch the final video first with joy, and then with horror.

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