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It's time to take a look at the best investment options available to you in Apex Legends!

We take a look at the best options for Apex Legends! If you're wondering which weapons you should pair together to make the best combo, then this guide should help with that. The term attachments can be confusing to some, so I'll explain it a bit.

Your gear is usually the perfect pair of weapons you're looking for as you build your arsenal for battle. In battle royale games, you don't always have your favorite options, so knowing the weapon types that go best with each other is valuable. It's also important to get an idea of ​​what you're looking for while looting, because there are so many different options and having to think about it too much while playing!


Follower and Peacemaker

This is probably one of the best pairs with high explosive potential for medium to close range. Slave – if aimed well at the target, it can inflict some really heavy damage on an opponent. This powerful pistol is greatly enhanced by the Skullpiercer's headshot damage booster, which can be added to the Hop-Up Mount Socket. With this upgrade in the slot, the damage increases in arithmetic progression.

Peacemaker – one of the most popular options in the game today. It dominates melee battles as it deals very high damage if all the pellets hit. This weapon also benefits greatly from the Hop-Up attachment. Be careful about Accuracy. If you have this attachment, you can hold down the aim button to concentrate and your next shot will be extremely focused. This means you have a better chance of dealing full damage to your enemy. This will also help you increase your shot range if you don't want to switch back to your Wingman.

For the most part, you can pair a Wingman or Peacekeeper with any other weapon, but these are two of the most popular firearms in the game today.

Longbow & Wingman

If you play Counter-Strike, then this pair will be very reminiscent of WUA and Desert Eagle. Long bow is a strong sniper, but if you are lucky enough to find Supply Drops, you can upgrade the rifle to the Kraber .50 level. This is truly the best slot for this equipment, as the Kraber can take out an enemy in one shot, with a good headshot. Slave in this pair should remove all issues in combat at medium distances and in close combat. You can also leave a Peacekeeper in this slot, especially if you have an attachment Precision Chokes, which helps increase the range of the shot.

SMG R-99 and Any medium-range weapon

  R-99 - An extremely fast-firing SMG that can take down people at close range. This weapon is great if you don't like shotguns and want to avoid the Peacemaker's reload. Ideally, you need to quickly find an attachment to increase the magazine, because the ammo goes through very quickly. For your second option, you have plenty to choose from. Any assault rifle will do, including Hemlock (Burst) or Flatline. The Spitfire machine gun is also a good choice, or take any sniper. The wingman is always a good mid-range option and pairs nicely with the R-99. If you find as many energy ammo as possible, you can experience Devotion, which is very strong at medium level.

Carbine R-301 and R-99 or Peacemaker

The R-301 Carbine is very similar to the R-99, but it has more range and slightly more damage. It shoots slower, so it's not as good for close-range situations, but it does work. This weapon is very beneficial in having a magazine as an investment because the ammo supply is relatively low. He is very good at mid-range, which is the standard and most popular way to fight. For the second option, you can take the R-99 or the Peacemaker. It depends if you like shotguns or prefer laser beams. If you come from Fortnite, then the Peacemaker will probably be much more familiar to you. Although you can choose a long range weapon, because the R-301 is quite good at close range.

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