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Apex Legends is an award-winning free-to-play hero shooter game from Respawn Entertainment. Master the ins and outs of playing as legendary characters that continue to grow in number and use their powerful skills in your squad's strategy.
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Top Apex Legends Characters: Tier List (Season 21)

In this guide, we'll look at the best and worst legends in Apex Legends for Season 21. In the tier list, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each legend, ranking them based on gaming experience and analytics. This list will be updated with new legends added and changes to the game.

Apex Legends stands out because most characters are balanced, with the weaknesses of some being offset by the strengths of others. Some legends particularly stand out, while others may seem less powerful, but all are viable in the right hands.

Legends vary depending on play styles. Bangalore is great for active play due to his ability to move quickly under fire, while Pathfinder stands out for his versatility of moves and is often underrated due to his weak passive, but his grappling hook can be crucial in a fight. Lifeline is ideal for support, each of her abilities are extremely useful, and Gibraltar is great for those who prefer a more defensive playstyle.

We recommend sticking with the characters you're most comfortable with until you hit a wall - after that, it's time to think about choosing a meta.

Here's our ranking of the best characters in Apex Legends:

Apex Legends Tier List

S-Tier Legends


Bloodhound is a powerful legend who regularly provides information to your team. The ability to withstand Bangalore smoke, especially with the removal of the digital threat from SMGs, is very valuable. Bloodhound's bonuses are effective at both 2nd and 3rd level. Eye of the Allfather is especially valuable because it increases the scan duration for your team. Overall, Bloodhound is very valuable for all team compositions.


Conduit is one of the best support legends, and her base abilities remain as strong as last season. Combining your team's shield with area control gives your team plenty of options to win fights. Her bonuses at level 2 are a bit underwhelming, but her level 3 pick only improves her area control or shield abilities.


Newcastle have a great defensive legend to back up their team. His ability choices at 2nd and 3rd levels greatly improve his base abilities. However, Mad Maggie can effectively counter Newcastle's Fortress Wall, even with a level 3 upgrade. However, Newcastle's tactical and passive abilities are still important to support your team.


Alter offers entirely new ways to play, giving you the ability to easily siege teams camping in a house or make some rotations quite simple. Instead of popping in and out like Wraith, Alter's tactical skill allows you to place two portals on any (!) surface, including the ground, walls, and ceilings. She can then freely teleport between both points and do so almost instantly. This makes her one of the best killers, appearing out of nowhere and just as instantly disappearing into nowhere!


Krypto is one of the few legends that doesn't have a hard counter to his ultimate. His level 2 skill, which reduces the cooldown of the absolute skill, combined with the level 3 skill “Network Expansion”, which increases the range of the absolute EMP by 25%, make the crypt a formidable legend. Thanks to his perks, his ultimate can affect every team in the last two rounds.


Wraith is a powerful legend who is effective in a variety of situations. Selecting level 2 and 3 abilities returns Wraith to her dominant position as a legendary skirmisher. Combined with Tactical Cooldown Reduction and Tactical Turn Reduction, Wraith is hard to corner. Overall, Rafe is again a very strong legend in most situations and team comps.

A-Tier Legends


Wattson is a strong legend in a variety of situations. In the last few laps of the game, she is a great legend, suitable for holding an area late in the game. Her choice of level 2 abilities provides significant benefits, but her choice of level 3 bonuses is very important. Either knocking out two pylons at once, or doubling health and shield regeneration, these perks will return Wattson to an amazing legend that can have a significant impact on the tide of battle.


Bangalore is a legend with a simple yet effective set of abilities. Bangalore's base abilities are some of the most versatile in the game, and they're only made better by her perk selection. Absolute Artillery, along with Level 3 Vault, makes Bangalore a formidable enemy.


Revenant is a great movement legend that can hunt vulnerable enemies. After the rework, Revenant remained a powerful legend with strong base abilities. His level 3 skill Shadow Jump resets his tactical ability on knockdowns, allowing him to be a slippery opponent. For aggressive players, Revenant provides plenty of opportunities to beat teams.


Pathfinder is a great character for moving and spinning. His choice of level 2 abilities makes him a better team player, granting access to either lookout beacons or ring consoles. Pathfinders' level 3 skill "Rope Thrower" can turn him into a legend who can get in and out of combat very effectively.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie can be a great legend to push enemy teams. Her basic abilities allow her to flush teams out of cover and disorient enemy teams while attacking them with her ultimate. Maggie's level 2 skill, Ball Baba, changes her ultimate from disorienting to dangerous, and choosing a level 3 skill helps constantly put pressure on teams in cover.


Horizon is a great legend for controlling territories and moving around the map. Her level 2 bonuses are underwhelming, and her level 3 bonuses only reduce the cooldown. Despite this, Horizon's basic abilities remain effective and make her a viable Legend in a variety of situations on their own.


Fuse has good basic abilities, and the 2nd and 3rd level perks improve these abilities. The Level 2 bonus, Scar Tissue, removes one of his previous weaknesses and allows him to use his ultimate more freely in melee combat. Overall, Fuse is best used if you are constantly pressing enemies behind cover.


Catalyst is a great legend for team play. When paired with other controller characters like Wattson or Caustic, enemies will struggle to put pressure on your team. Catalyst's bonuses effectively offset the nerfs she saw in previous seasons.


Valkyrie is a good legend for hunting enemies or getting out of dangerous situations. Her bonuses cancel out some of the nerfs Valkyrie has seen in past seasons. For teams looking to regularly rotate in or out of fights, Valkyrie offers this choice more effectively than in recent seasons.



Loba is most effective in high-level situations, where her black market boutique allows your team to access much-needed loot in small rings. While this doesn't sound like much, having regular access to loot can be very helpful in keeping the pressure on enemy teams. Loba's perks greatly improve her base abilities, allowing her to increase her range in black markets and expand her loot selection.


Ciar is a legend who can provide regular information for your team. His perks only improve basic abilities. Even though Ciar is not the best scanning legend, his abilities can be useful for your team. Since other Legends like Bloodhound and Krypto are very effective at providing information to your team, Ciar isn't the best choice but can still be useful in some team compositions.


Rampart excels in certain situations. Her level 2 bonuses are useful but not game-changing, while her level 3 bonuses are welcome improvements to her base abilities. The choice between faster reloads or better handling and faster spin-up makes Rampart a dangerous opponent at close to mid-range.


Ash can be a viable Legend to get your team out of dangerous battles, but she doesn't offer as much freedom of movement as other Legends. Ashe's level 3 skill, Arc Shackles, only keeps the Arc Trap on the ground for 24 seconds. Instead of tying the enemy down for so long, it actually only lasts for a few seconds. Her ultimate has a more limited use compared to other movement abilities in the game.


Ballistic has good basic abilities that can work in some team compositions. His choice of bonuses doesn't have much impact on winning fights and doesn't address some of his weaknesses. Having a third weapon can be useful when needed, but overall Ballistic doesn't provide much to your team. Ballistics is often overshadowed by Legends, which provide similar support more effectively.

C-tier legends


Octane can be a strong legend when combined with other movement legends. However, other than that, Octane doesn't provide much utility to the team. His new skills make Octane an even more challenging legend, which only improves his skirmisher niche rather than improving his team play.


Caustic can be a very powerful area control legend. His level 2 bonuses greatly improve his base abilities, while his level 3 bonuses give the choice between the health regeneration in Knox Gas or the longer Knox Vision. In close combat, Caustic is a very strong choice, and with perk upgrades, he can provide consistent defense for your team.


Vantage is great for long-range combat. Her basic abilities give her an advantage in sniper fights. Her level 2 perks are useful for either finding the next ring or increasing the number of bullets for her ultimate. While improved movement is useful for a Legendary Scout, the level 3 bonuses do not change the flow of the game. Outside of her sniper niche there are often better and easier options.


Lifeline is a legend in mid-performance support. Her basic abilities may be good, but there are better options. Her choice of level 2 abilities makes Lifeline more viable, as faster revives and more frequent healing are always useful. However, her selection of tier 3 perks is underwhelming

D-Tier Legends


Mirage can be an effective choice at close to mid range. With the exception of movement legends like Octane and Pathfinder, Mirage can be difficult to keep up with due to his abilities disorienting and distracting enemies. His perks only improve his niche, and the ability to revive and revive his team while invisible can be very useful in dangerous fights.

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