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Caustic Apex Legends - Legend Guide: How to Play, Abilities, Tips and More

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"I'm not interested in insect ambition."

Apex Legends
Real name:
Alexander Knox
Tactical ability:
Trap "Knox"
Passive Ability:
"Knox" visor
Special ability:
Grenade "Knox"

  In our Apex Legends guide caustics you'll find tips and tricks on how to unlock your character and make the most of it! We'll take a look at his origins, accent, abilities, and tips for unlocking his potential. We even have Caustic HD wallpapers so you can decorate your desktop with your favorite character.

Caustic is interesting in that he is one of two legends that are not immediately available in the game. He may also be the most unique class currently, as... it focuses on dealing damage in a “Confuse and Destroy” style. When attacking an enemy and using gas, Caustic is immune and has excellent vision in its toxic fumes, allowing for some potentially easy kills.

History of Caustic

Poison Stalker

Before Caustic existed, Alexander Knox, a scientist, worked for Humbert Labs, the Frontier's leading pesticide gas manufacturer. The pesticides needed to protect the crops of the growing Frontier colonies were abundant on the market, so Humbert Labs was constantly working on new, stronger formulations. Knox was one of the company's most promising scientists. He worked on the creation of new gases day and night. But to make sure they worked, he needed more than a tissue sample: he needed living organisms.

Knox kept his developments in secret and over time began to see the beauty in his creations and their ability to destroy everything they come into contact with. But soon the head of Humbert Labs found out about his terrible experiments. After their conversation, a fire started in the laboratory, and its leader died. Knox is gone. He is currently believed to be dead. Caustic is now finding new test subjects in the Apex Games. He tests his gas creations and observes their action with interest.

How to unlock Caustic 

Caustic is one of two legends that are not currently unlocked. There are two ways to unlock it. First, you can buy Apex Coins with real money. That's 850 Apex Coins and you can buy 1000 coins for $9,99. If you don't want to spend money, you can play the game and earn legendary tokens as you level up. You will need to collect 12 and then you can use them to unlock Caustic!

Caustic's abilities

In addition to the abilities listed below, he also has the benefit of the Defense class, a thick hide that allows him to gain 15% less damage than normal legends (although it has a larger hitbox, but not as huge as Gibraltar).

Tactical Ability - Nox Gas Trap

Caustic's Nox gas trap is his signature weapon. Caustic simply throws an inflating barrel on the ground, and when the enemy approaches it, it detonates, dealing direct damage to HP (ignoring armor) and slow down enemies. In addition to this, the enemy inside the gas will become visible to Caustic himself while they are both inside the gas. But there is a small note - enemy Caustics also don't forget to wear gas masks, and, unfortunately, gas won't hurt them. In Bloodhound, the gas mask is obviously not good enough, because she takes damage like everyone else.

Image of a gas trap.

Caustic can carry up to three barrels in his pocket at the same time, which allows him to quickly mine any room, and up to six can be placed on the ground at once. Using this ability in an enclosed space, such as the Kings Canyon Bunker, will allow you to make your enemies beg for mercy, while in large open areas, barrels are less effective (but in capable hands this is not a hindrance). It is important to keep in mind that the yrags can also shoot at the base of the trap, and it will immediately collapse without releasing an ounce of gas. Therefore, it is worth arranging them so that the base, and preferably the entire barrel, is not visible (behind the box, in the bush, etc.) 

Pro-Caustic Hint: You can place a barrel and shoot at its body when it is fully inflated, this will release a gas cloud from the barrel, which can become a saving smoke screen for you or a barrier to annoying enemies.

Passive - Nox Vision

This is the ability that allows Caustic to see enemies suffocating in gas, however this vision does not shine through walls and obstacles - it is closer to a thermal scope (highlights targets in the fog) than to a Blothuntr scan or a Crypto scan.


This passive is another reason to rely heavily on your ability to spread Nox gas in every fight to eliminate enemies while they are vulnerable and you are hard to spot at that moment.

Ultimate Ability - Gas Grenade Nox

The principle of operation of the ult is as simple as the name. This is a small grenade that can be thrown and when detonated will release large puffs of nox gas (larger than a barrel), dealing 6 to 12 damage per second to all enemies in the gas. Technically, it is no different from a barrel, except that it works instantly and fills large spaces.

In the upcoming update, the damage from Nox gas will be severely cut. Nox will now deal a fixed 5 damage per tick. The charging speed of Caustic's ult will also be increased.

Art by konnestra

However, this is not as severe a nerf as it might seem, because Caustic will still have an advantage over an enemy who inhaled enough gas to kill him

The best weapon for Caustic

In case you haven't guessed by now, Caustic specializes in close combat. Ideally aboutn must guard in confined spaces, such as buildings, rather than running around in the open, especially since his large hitboxes make him a good target if just running through grasslands. So it suits him best a couple of the most fierce guns in terms of quick damage - the R-99 submachine gun (if you're lucky - the Bloodhound) and the Mastiff shotgun. With this weapon, Caustic can quickly knock down an enemy caught in the gas, then abruptly retreat and reload while covered by a curtain of gas.

Also, if you already know where the ring will close, you can use Caustic Barrels to block the doors of the building in advance, or at least set traps in narrow passages. If you notice damage markers appearing randomly on your screen while playing as Caustic, it means that someone has fallen into your trap. You can use this data to track them down and surprise them.

Pro-Caustic Tip: Paired with Bangalore and Bloodhound, you can really overwhelm the enemy team by wreaking double havoc with gas and smoke, and with Bloodhound's scan, pinpoint exactly where to land fatal shots. Ideally - to have gold sights on the guns.

How to play Caustic

Caustic gas is great for keeping enemies at bay, but this is just the tip of the iceberg of how it can be used in combat.

First, the the gas barrels themselves provide excellent cover. Banks are quite wide, with a matching hitbox. If you are caught off guard, you can throw a barrel in front of you, shoot it, and sit right under it. As a result, you will have not the worst cover and smoke screen in one 

Hint: The same can be done with an attempt to raise a fallen teammate to his feet. Try to place a barrel next to a comrade crawling on his knees, shoot at it, then try to quickly raise it, positioning itself in space so that the barrel blocks you from enemies.

In particularly heated situations, you can throw an ult grenade directly under you to create a gas cloud where you can maintain mobility, and calmly seize the battery or first aid kit.


I already mentioned that you can use the barrels as an alarm system - if they work, you will immediately know where to wait for the enemy to come from. But for the alarm to work, you need to place the barrel unnoticed. Do not try to stick it in the middle of the room and wait for the enemies to jump on it themselves. The barrel should stand so that the enemy accidentally walked past her. remember, that if the enemy turns off the barrel with a shot at the bottom, they won't let you know about it ⚠️

Also, don't forget that you can directly support the doors with barrels. Properly propped up the door can force the enemy to panic, because you need to somehow knock out the door without triggering the barrel. And if this is also the only passage that you (Caustic) are already sitting behind, with a lighter at the ready, they are definitely covered.

Hint: Always be ready to personally activate a barrel by shooting into its body, in cases where it becomes obvious that the enemy will not be able to turn it off by shooting at the bottom.

A competent barrel in a narrow passage, activated by a shot, can win you a few seconds, during which your entire team can patch up wounds.

While Caustic's traps don't seem to benefit his fast and offensive playstyle (and he's a defensive character after all) - he can be used as an offensive legend if you're good at playing him. . The main thing is that your attacks should be carried out from cover to cover, and ideally - from building to building.


Sometimes there is an opportunity throw a surprise barrel or a nox grenade right into the window (or a gap in the wall) of the room where the enemies settled. As a result Caustic becomes the only hero able to storm the enemy's fortress.

So, let's sum up: 

  • Caustic's gas traps are especially useful in the early and late game. You can spread them out early and catch a lot of players running fast looking for loot. At the end of the game, you can close the circle with traps and make it difficult to avoid them.
  • Place canisters near doorways and in areas where you expect enemies to appear to warn you or prevent them from attacking you. This is especially useful if you are looting or reviving a teammate.
  • If the enemies are trying to escape the storm, be sure to place canisters in their path to make it harder for them to escape.
  • When using the ultimate ability, you can not only disorient the enemy, but also use Nox as a smoke grenade. This may allow you to be more aggressive or withdraw in certain situations.
  • Caustic pairs well with Bloodhound, which can track down enemies through gas. Players would also like to use optics that can highlight enemies.
  • Be careful when using gas near your teammates. While they won't suffer from this like enemies, they will still find it difficult to navigate the cloud.

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