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We all love Virtual Reality Porn – the feeling of immersion and the possibility of looking around the scene makes this type of adult movies superior to the regular porn. And what if you could take control over the VR Porn movie and make decisions about everything on your own? Now you can! Introducing the Dragon Milf – one of a kind VR Porn game. In the Dragon Milf, you, while being inside the scene thanks to your VR headset, can decide what’s going to happen now and how are you gonna fuck this hot MILF next. If you ever wanted to change your position while fucking a hot chick when watching a VR Porn video – now you can! The game is completely interactive, so you have the full power and control over it and everything is in your hands.

In the VR Bangers’ newest game inspired by the XXX parody of Game of Thrones TV show, there is a quest waiting for you – you have to fuck the dragon bitch harder than anyone before you, to show her that the throne belongs to you. Grab her by her white hair and show her who is the king here while her dragon minions are watching. Do not hesitate – just tell her what do you want her to do and she will kneel down before you and do anything you want without blinking an eye. In this fantasy world of magic, dragons and powerful artifacts, everything is possible, so strap on your VR headset and get rid of your inhibitions. The game is fully interactive, so you have the full power and control over it and everything is in your hands. Fulfill your fantasies and try new positions, which you’ve always wanted to check out with our dragon MILF in the newest VR Bangers’ and SinVR’s game!

VR Bangers’ New VR Porn Head Rig 2.0 Announced!


A little over a year ago, we, Virtual Reality Bangers, have shocked the entire world with our technological contribution and unconventional approach to recording of VR porn content – at the same time surprising not only our competitors from the industry, but also all the producers operating in the field of VR experiences. We have presented our one-of-a-kind Head Rig – the sophisticated device with high-tech microphones and top-notch cameras looking like a mannequin’s head. Back in the day, the helmet was supposed to simplify the creation of our VR porn movies, thus allowing all the professional porn actresses working with us to feel more comfortable – and this way enhancing the immersion of all our devoted fans, clients and members. Even though the initiative was successful and our Head Rig has found a whole lot of applications from the moment of its’ introduction, today we have yet something new to be announced – it was the time for the upgrade of our device!

Introducing the VR Bangers’ Head Rig 2.0 – new virtual reality helmet for male actors of adult movies, which is not only an improved version of the old rig, but also an entirely new approach to the matter of a comfort on a set of a VR porn movie. Compared to the previous model of the headset, this one can be actually worn by a male porn star – at the same time allowing the performer to keep being in touch with everything that is going on around him. The inner screens are capable of streaming the contents around the user in real time – meaning the footage caught by the rig’s virtual reality camera with up to 8K resolution.

Thanks to the new design of the goggles, every viewer of our contents will now feel like being kissed by a girl from his dreams in a way more realistic than ever before. The device is equipped with as many as 7 virtual reality cameras, so nothing that is going on the set will ever be missed by it, and it also has not one but two binaural sound microphones built in – which is our way of showing appreciation for every lover of wild moans and groans coming up from our hot actresses’ mouths.

Even though the old VR head rig was built in order to make the experiences more immersive for the actresses, female talents have never felt comfortable kissing it because it was simply scary and unnatural to them. What is more, while being under the old rig, rarely any male actor could get a proper erection, as his head had to be laying back and looking in the ceiling all the time – getting rid of these issues was a driving motor for the creation of the newest helmet, and the new model is dealing with all of those problems once and for all.

You can read more about our newest invention on the CNET website over here, and if you are interested in our other initiatives, make sure to head to our main page, here.


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