100% достижений Goose Goose Duck (PC)

Рассказываем, как получить все достижения в Goose Goose Duck

Мы включили описания всех достижений для PC, вместе с информацией о том, как их получить.

Все трофеи и достижения Goose Goose Duck

Welcome to the Gaggle

Complete 1 Game

Win a Game



Kill 1 Goose


Sabotage 1 Time

The Winner's Circle

Win 5 Games

Novice Goose

Complete 10 Games

Task Turtle

Complete 10 Tasks

Task Rabbit

Complete 50 Tasks


Kill 10 Geese

That was Intentional

Sabotage 10 Times

Warp 9 Engaged (секретное)

I'm Going to Burn This Place (секретное)


Use the Intercom 3 Times

Written Out of the Script (секретное)

A New Hobby

Complete 100 Games

Is it me,

Use the Intercom 10 Times

Dapper (секретное)

Task Fox

Complete 500 Tasks

Duck of Death

Kill 75 Geese

So Much Winning

Win 75 Games

I've Done This Before

Sabotage 100 Times

I can see it in your smile.

Use the Intercom 3500 Times

We need more Lemon Pledge (секретное)

R-ejected (секретное)

A Day at the Spa (секретное)


Complete 1000 Games

The Cleanup Crew (секретное)

The Professional

Kill 2500 Geese

I can see it in your eyes.

Use the Intercom 750 Times

You're looking for?

Use the Intercom 100 Times

Duck Undertaker

Kill 500 Geese


Complete 5000 Games

Chicken Dinner

Win 2500 Games

Tired of Winning

Win 500 Games

Task Eagle

Complete 5000 Tasks

Task Cheetah

Complete 25000 Tasks

Thrive on Chaos

Sabotage 750 Times

Duck Terrorist

Sabotage 2500 Times